{DIY} Body Scrubs

Today I stumbled upon a blog with so much inspiration, Under the Table and Dreaming! And yes, the beautiful voice of Dave Matthews crept into my head when I learned the blog's title.

Anyway, they shared a great post on 50 Ways to Re-Purpose and Reuse Glass.  One of the ideas was Make your own lemon sugar hand scrub, contained in a mason jar!  I saw how easy this was to put together, and off I went, running about my kitchen putting the scrub together.

More important than finding the ingredients was how my skin would react to the scrub.  I have sensitive prone skin, so the result would not leave me in discomfort in any way.  Living in the dry Arizona desert also creates dry skin, which I've been experiencing rough hands lately-not very lady like of me to offer my hands to an extended handshake, when they might feel my dry, rough skin! Ick!

The scrub mentioned in the link above inspired me to create, but I needed further research.  What I did with my scrub is I made it a Lemon Salt Scrub, rather than a sugar scrub.

Here is the how to:

1 C. Salt (combined sea salt and table salt)
1/2 - 1 C. Carrier Oil (Olive Oil, Vegetable Oil, Coconut Oil, etc)
5-10 drops of essence of lemon oil

So simple to do.  Simply combine the salt, oil and essence of lemon oil.  I do have to mention, the 1/2 - 1 C. oil, too much oil will leave your scrub mixture soupy.  Start with the 1/2 Cup measurement, and slowly go from there.  You want a moist sandy mixture.

That's it!!

I stored the scrub in these cute jars with sealing lids, keeping the mixture air tight to retain moisture.  I used some left over adhesive chalkboard, from a previous post, to label the jars-I love the look this little touch brings to the jar.

Two things I change for the next time would be to use coconut oil or lemon oil, instead of vegetable oil, which was recommended and I had on hand.  I will use the other oils to enhance the sweetness with the zesty lemon and abrasive salt.  I will also use lemon zest, instead of essence of lemon oil, or might keep the essence in.

I happened to have had some little wooden mustard spoons, from my mustard jars collected when I lived in France.  I don't keep mustard in them, nor serve enough mustard, and they work perfectly to spoon out the desired amount of the scrub to apply to my hands.

The end result: After I applied a small dollop onto my hand, lightly massaged the product into my skin, and washed away the scrub, my hand was so smooth and soft!  The rough dry skin was no longer, and I now have my lady like hands back!

The second scrub, which I give total credit to Under the Table and Dreaming for, is the Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub. All the ingredients are good enough to eat, and the smell is fantastic!

How to:

2 C. Brown sugar
1 C. Granulated sugar
1 C. Carrier Oil
1 Tbsp. Vanilla Extract

As previous scrub, simply mix all ingredients together, and you're done!  

I didn't tweak any bit of the recommended ingredients.  What I would change, as with the Lemon Salt Scrub, is to use Coconut or Almond Oils to bring out the sweetness of the scrub.  

End result:  I used this prior to my shower, on my legs and arms, and oh my goodness!  My skin was silky smooth!  

A little note of recommendation, it is best to use the scrubs prior to shaving, opposed to after.  Especially concerning the salt scrub, that will sting like the dickens on sensitive skin, and if there are any cuts-ouch!

These scrubs will make for perfect favors for bridal and baby showers, in smaller versions of the large size jars, as seen here.  Wrap a pretty ribbon around the lid, and use little tags sharing what they are, and include the recipe on the back of the tags, so guests can make them at home!  Attach a little spoon to the ribbon so your guests have a sterile utensil to apply the scrub with.  Spoons can be mustard, salt, sugar, jam, etc, and are searchable on Amazon to find the type of spoon you'd like.  Tongue depressors or popsicle sticks are a great choice as well.  Point is to not dip finger tips into jar to avoid spreading germs, so these are cute ways to apply.  

I now have these jars at the ready in my home, and they reside in my guest room for future guests to treat themselves to a spa treatment!  Treat your coming guests with your new little spa treatment as well, share the goodness! 

Whatever you take away from this post, I hope you enjoyed! 


  1. What a great idea for gifts too, esp for bridesmaids or motherinlaws! :)

  2. Thanks, lovely!! I'm going to do this for my friends' Christmas gifts as stocking stuffers! Too soon for the xmas talk, but one must plan ahead, right! :)


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