{DIY} Decorative Wine Stoppers

Spice up your corks, and turn them into wine stoppers!  They make for perfect hostess gifts, party favors, or for your personal use.  

Over the years I have held onto corks, because one day I figured I would turn them into something fabulous, like a wine cork wreath.  Since that hasn't happened yet, I thought what else could I do with them.

One day while perusing an antique store, I stumbled upon vintage drawer pulls and a lightbulb went off!  I could attach the drawer pulls to the leftover wine corks, and create decorative wine stoppers!  I immediately got to work, and had fun creating something so fun, useable, and fashionable for the home.

1/4"-20 thread, 2" hanger bolt 
Cork (Use what you have, or find them at Michael's)
Drawer pull

Tip: Be sure your hanger bolts have one end pointy, and the other flat.  The pointy end is what you drive into the cork, and then attach the drawer pull to flat end.  

How To:
1)  Take your bolt, and find the center of your cork.  Star turning the screw into the cork with the pointy side. I did this by hand, for me there was no need for a screw driver.  Apply much pressure to get the screw to pierce the cork, and continue to screw about halfway into the cork.

2)  Simply take your drawer pull, and turn onto bolt to fasten, stopping when base of drawer pull is flesh against cork.

That is all!

Tip:  Make sure that when you find your drawer pulls, whether at an antique shop, or wherever hardware is sold, your drawer pulls will match the bolts.  Carry the bolts with you to test that the drawer pulls will fasten easily.


So simple to do, and the results will wow yourself!  People you invite over will ask where you got these adorable decorative wine stoppers! 

Are you ready to create your own?  Have fun, experiment with different styles of drawer pulls.  Be careful to not use pulls that are too heavy, and will make your bottle become unbalanced.  


  1. What a great idea! I've seen a lot of pretty drawer pulls that would be perfect for this!

  2. Love this project! Could make a fun wedding favor!

  3. I agree, they are perfect for favors at a wedding, or a bridal shower. The fun part is finding unique drawer pulls.


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