DIY: Doily Covered Mason Jars

Can it get any sweeter than a mason jar covered in a doily?

I found this DIY idea on Crafts by Amanda, and as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to create my own. Before you check out the very detailed how to on their blog, here are a few ways I dolled up my doily mason jars:

Tie some raffia trim and paper buttons as decor for a cute as a button baby shower! 
How cute would flower pens be placed inside this for the guestbook table?! 

Add a vintage necklace to adorn the top, and include a candle, for a little nighttime bling. 

Oh this project is one of my faves.  Seeing the little wonder lit up with a candle makes my heart skip a beat!  So perfect for the home, for decorating an evening wedding, even a baby shower.  I can imagine making many of these and lining them up the pathway to a home, so inviting and warm.

Ok, now go to Crafts by Amanda post for the details!

Have fun getting crafty!


  1. Mason jars are such a fun addition for decorations!

  2. They are, they make the room smile! :) Thanks for the comment!

  3. I have had my eye on this craft too! They are so cute! You are so crafty maybe a craft blog is in your future!

  4. I love the way it looks with your bouquet!! You are such a talented crafter!! :) I hope you are having a great day!

  5. Thanks ladies! I've recently found a knack for the crafts and how they can add flair to any occasion & in the home! We shall see! :)

  6. I tried your links and it didn't work :( Is there any other way to get to this place? Thanks.

  7. R Adams, it seems that Sparkle and Hay's blog is no longer up and running, per what I can see. :( I wrote this article in 2011...will have to redo the tutorial on my own. Will update that soon. Thanks for saying something! :)


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