{Real Wedding} We Chose Each Other-Part I

Today I bring to you the wedding that started it all.  Yes, my own wedding, I mean...our wedding!  This is why I have a wedding blog.  I'm not a vendor, I am a former bride-to-be, turned bride, turned wedding blogger, and I love it!

The images seen here are beautifully photographed by Clive Van Rensburg Photography, based in Arizona & California.

I loved every minute put into the decision making and planning of our wedding.  Many things I would change, especially now that I am a wedding blogger, but the basics remain the same.

If I knew then (April 2009), what I know now, I would've done more, in terms of requested shoots I wanted, more DIY to make our wedding even more personal, the list could go on, yet it all still works, and shows due to the beautiful artistry of our photographer.  Clive sat down with us on a few occasions, to understand us, our wants for shoots, and much more.  I prefaced "journalistic shots" rather than more "traditional shoots"; wherever he could, he provided.  

With no further anticipation, I bring to you our wedding, beautifully photographed by Clive Van Rensburg!

Me & My Girls

My Handsome Groom & His Entourage

In walks the Father Fred to help adjust the tie...

And maybe some coaching...

The Chapel

The Ceremony

My heroes gave me away, which are my grandfather & father.  
{I included a tribute to my late grandmother, 
a single rose sat on the empty seat next to where my grandfather sat.}

Yes, this is our Priest, and all were enamored by he.  

The Vows

After the vows, with great relief! 

We did it!!

My bouquet up-close. 
I chose for the "something blue" to be a rosary, made of blue crystals, 
and included a brooch, with a blue stone.
{I loved the floral bling, by the way, it makes the bouquet sizzle!}

My fave pick post nuptials!

As you can see, much tradition, yet touches that were a little more photo journalistic, which I adore the balance of the two!  

Check out We Chose Each Other-Part II for the reception!


  1. You were a stunning Bride! SO glad you shared the pics!

  2. Aww, thanks, Alicia! I'll be posting more soon!

  3. You look gorgeous! I love that your grandfather and father walked you down the aisle. So touching and such a sweet tribute to your grandmother.


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