When the "Phantom of the Opera" meets "Black Swan"

The Winner of the Inspiration Board Challenge

Following last week's poll, voilĂ  the inspiration board that won the vote!

I rather enjoyed watching which inspiration suggestions would beat out the others, and I was excited that inspirations from "Phantom of the Opera" and "The Black Swan" would be the winner!  It was rather fun to put together!  The board oozes dark seduction and romance.  

The touches of the masks as escort cards are my favorite to really bring in the notion of "Phantom of the Opera" to a wedding reception.  As well the inclusion of black ostrich feathers with black calla lilies in the bridal bouquet, its a worthy nod to "Black Swan". 

The staircase is absolutely glorious, and inspires one to find a great venue that offers this, if planning such an affair.  It does offer the notion of heading up to the balcony seats of the opera or a ballet.  I love the chandeliers, as always, and those candelabras are divine.  Better than going up to find the seats, what a stunning way for a bride to make her entrance to walk down the aisle.  

Inspirations don't always have to come from a color palette, the theme often creates the color palette.  With both inspirations, black, white and red are a natural choice.  Having details like music notes, red roses, black feathers, it all works so well together.

Let your imagination soar with what inspires you!

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  1. Gorgeous! It's almost sumptuously gothic and that staircase is fascinating.


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