{DIY} Candy Coated Fortune Cookies

A cute and simple DIY for a fun favor!

I've long seen these on many favor sites, and tonight, I thought I'd take a stance at making one on my own.  I had a leftover fortune cookie from a recent take out place, which is to die for, by the way!  If you live in Mesa, AZ, let me know, I'll share this place!

Anyhow, here's the simple how to:

Fortune Cookies
Candy Wafers

Sauce Pan
Glass bowl (that withstands heat)
Double Boiler
Glass Bowl for Sprinkles
Parchment paper
Cellophane Favor Bags

Step 1:
Fill your sauce pan 3/4 full, making sure glass bowl does not meet the water-very important!  When water is boiling, place the glace bowl onto the sauce pan, and pour in the candy wafers into the bowl.  

Step 2:
Get your fortune cookies out.  I recommend to get the fortune cookies without messages inside.  You can order from vendors and you can either customize your message, or request no message.  If you have a fortune on hand, keep it to be the template for the size of fortune you create.

Step 3:
Once candy is melted, dip your fortune cookie into the melted candy, keeping the tips uncoated.  Keeping the upper tips uncoated, this is where you can place your fortune.  

Step 4:
Once fortune cookie is dipped to your liking, quickly dip into awaiting bowl of sprinkles! 

Step 4:
Once fortune cookie is dipped into sprinkles, quickly place on parchment paper, and slip into the fridge or freezer (for quicker cooling).

Step 6:
Once candy coating is well adhered to cookie-pretty solid and no give, place your little fortune into cookie, and wrap it up into a small sized cellophane bag.  Tie with wire tie to secure closure, then tie your ribbon/trim, remove the wire tie, and you have an adorable little favor!

This is perfect for any favor at any event!  Of course this would be perfect at a bridal shower or wedding.  Decorate your fortune cookies according to your event's color palette or favor choices. Make your own fortunes scaling down to size of a fortune you might have from a fortune cookie.  Word the fortunes with well wishes for your guests, or simply your monogram and wedding date! It is a favor that will not be forgotten!

I hope you enjoyed a simple DIY for a sweet favor!  


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