{DIY} Homemade Marshmallows

A sweet homemade treat to wow your guests, and even surprise yourself!

Oh the goodness!  I chose to create marshmallows because I have wanted to have freshly made candy, to then use in future projects.  Buying the big bag of sweet puffy clouds at the store is easy and cheap.  The ingredients that goes into this is cheap, and creates you multiple bags of marshmallows for days to come!  Oh yes, I will use my homemade marshmallows to create fudge, rice treats, and I will even take a stab at marshmallow fondant!

To use the treats just as they are, I imagine having these beauties on a dessert table at a wedding or bridal shower, at guests' seats, even to wrap up and give as gifts for any occasion.  Come the holidays, my friends will receive these beauties wrapped in a little package, along with homemade hot chocolate-I cannot wait! 

I have to say this project is a bit detailed, much patience is needed and advised.  I whipped these beauties up, and it was a bit of a challenge, not to mention it took over a good portion of the weekend waiting for the cooling process to be able to make marshmallow treats.  Whenever one makes candy, you need all the time you can muster, and no distractions.  And the end result is marvelous!  I felt like I was in a different era in life making this.  The best reaction was my husband's lit up face when he savoured one of the pillows of sweet goodness!  

The ingredients are simple, the instructions are quite thorough-again we're candy making here!  Rather than recreate the recipe here, I will share with you all where I found the best recipe to follow, via Joy of Baking.  

If you try this, please post back here with your results! Enjoy the sweetness! 


  1. What a neat idea...are they more candy like or are they like fluffy marshmellows?

    Happy Weekend sweety! :)

  2. Thanks, Diana! You're always so sweet! They tasted like the best marshmallows I've ever met! Not any old candy, it is unreal to make them from scratch! xo


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