{Real Wedding} Tanya + Mark David, Oakland

Part I-The Ceremony

This wedding was shot by the amazing Amy Ellis, who has been featured quite a few times on this blog.  The weddings she has shot have been unique, with an almost indy/vintage vibe.  Today Amy brings to the blog a truly traditional wedding, seeped in Mexican heritage and modern elements, beautifully photographed.  

The wedding of Tanya and Mark David was a traditional Catholic wedding, which took place at St. Elizabeth Church in Oakland, California.  The bridal party alone included 19 people (bride & groom included); nearly 200 people in attendance in total! Wow! 

Tanya and Mark David's wedding celebration is indeed grand in size and spirit.  I am posting this wedding in a two part series as there is much to be shared with the ceremony alone, and the reception to follow was quite the party, I'm told!  A mariachi band, which also played during the ceremony, a Mexican aria sung by a family member, and many joyous moments, including the bride holding what I can imagine is a tequilla bottle! 

It's time to feast your eyes on the beautiful work of Amy Ellis Photography-Tanya + Mark David, Part I

So many beautiful details were captured, I don't know which moment is my favorite.  The church is amazing, with the stained glass windows and stunning altar! I love the bridal party's attire! The gray hued gowns & white bouquets, it's simple and gorgeous!  

So many traditional elements here, which I am unfamiliar with some, many I can relate to. 

I must mention, the flower girl is precious! I love the image where she is staring upwards, she looks like she is in wonderment, so cute! Amy does great work at catching those candid moments that pass by many.  When they are captured, they are amazing treasures to hold on to. 

Part II-The Reception, will soon follow, can't wait!

My many thanks to Amy Ellis Photography for sharing with  us your beautiful work! 

Church-St. Elizabeth Chruch, Oakland, California
Photography-Amy Ellis Photography, Alameda, California


  1. I love the beautiful alter, the sweet little flower girl, and of course that bride's dress which is perfect for a church wedding :)

  2. Thanks for the comment! I agree, her dress is church perfect!


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