{Signature Cocktails} Sparkling Clementini

When it comes to choosing a signature cocktail for the cocktail hour of the wedding reception, it's quite alright to be adventurous! 

Today's post features a new series on our blog-the Signature Cocktail series.  This series means a lot to me, because, at my own wedding, we were only allowed to have wine & beer, so we couldn't have a special "signature cocktail" for our guests.  All guests were quite alright with the wine & beer choices, but I felt a little bit removed from finding a creative edge to our cocktail hour-aside from our choice of cocktail hour music, which can be seen on my guest post over at Soundtrack to I Do...

I love being the mixologist in our household.  I appreciate a creative martini when I hit the sushi bars, a unique twist to a margarita, etc, but it's even better when I can try something new at home, which then becomes the signature cocktail to serve guests at parties.

We had a bit of an homage to Japan last night, with homemade sushi, teriyaki chicken & sake-I came up with a dream of a cocktail withe a citrus twist.  I'm a new fan of Izze drinks, and since I had a few on hand, incorporated this bubbly into a Japanese inspired cocktail! 

*1 oz. Sake
*2 oz. Vodka
*2 oz. Izze Sparkling Clementine Soda
*Orange Colored Sugar Sprinkles (cupcake sprinkles)

Before I made the cocktail, I had to dress up the martini glass that I was to serve up the tasty drink in.  

Here are the steps to this little tid bit:
1)  I soaked a paper towel, made it a few layers thick.  Then I dabbed the martini glass onto the wet paper towel, so it would dampen the rim of the glass.
2)  Then dipped the martini glass into orange sugar crystals to coat the rim of the martini glass.  The sugar crystals were poured onto a shallow plate.

Making the Martini:
I poured all liquids into a steel martini shaker, added some ice, and shook the shaker till it was frozen over-I did this part with a martini cloth, by the way, it gets too cold to hold onto with free hands.  

I then poured the concoction into the sugary rimmed martini glass, et voila!  

And that's the recipe for a very yummy "Sparkling Clementini'!  Will you dive into the unknown and try this sweet & sour concoction as your signature cocktail concoction?  Let me know if this yummy treat will make it's way to your cocktail hour reception, or any reception!



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