{Styled Shoot} Vintage & Rustic Goodness

This shoot is after my own heart.

Today I am so excited to post my very first submission via Two Bright Lights, from Secret Rose Photography!

The photography of this styled shoot is so gorgeous!  I love the vintage details-check out the amazing heeled boots, and the dress, it is stunning!  I love the lighting in the field where this took place, it makes everything look soft and warm.

Many thanks to Secret Rose Photography for submitting their photography with me, via Two Bright Lights.

The dresses featured here come from Moonlight Bridal, and they are fabulous! The birdcage veil is breathtaking as well.  My fave image is the the close up of the model with the birdcage, with the dress sprayed behind her head, 7th from the bottom.  All the images are truly glorious, makes me want to model my dress in a styled shoot!  

Photography: Secret Rose Photography, Oklahoma


  1. These pictures are beautiful. Love the creativity of the photographer.

  2. Love that big, poofy dress and the cage veil! Looks like a lot of fun to run around in! :)

  3. Thanks for the comments! The dress is stunning! I'd love to run around a field in that dress!

  4. Thank you so much for accepting this submission! And congrats on partnering with TBL! Does look fun, huh? Beautiful dress and model. My grandmother and I actually made the birdcage veil; I wore it in my own wedding a few years ago. I think I fall in love with it a little more every time I look at it! Such a wonderful piece to enjoy long after the wedding.
    Love from Oklahoma,
    Secret Rose Photography

  5. You are so welcome, Kiley! Thank you for sending me the submission! My first ever feature from a Two Bright Lights submission! That is amazing you made the birdcage veil with your grandmother, and wore it at your own wedding. Thanks for sharing that sentiment. I look forward to seeing more of your work!
    Best Wishes,

  6. Mostly liked the photographer's work as a result of the bride's selections and style! It was really inspiring! Thank you for sharing!


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