A Unique Proposal, With Glados's Help

A "Portal 2" Engagement

For those whom know me, or do not, I am familiar with the online game world, such as Portal 2, due to my husband's passion for these types of games.  I love my husband in so many ways, and I find myself loving him more when he finds a feed from Fark or Metafilter that have anything to do with wedding related material. 

By the way, did you see the Zombie e-Shoot posted yesterday?  My husband lead me to finding a fantastic photographer because he frequents Fark

Anyway, today my husband turned me on to this proposal, that was devised by Gary, to ask his girlfriend,Stephanie, to become his wife, with the help of "Glados", whom is the narrative voice of the game Portal.

The groom to be reached out to the creators of Portal 2 to request that the voice of Glados would help him in his efforts to request Stephanie's hand in marriage.  The voice of Glados, Ellen McLain, whom is the narrator throughout the game, agreed!

The clip seen here is 8 minutes long.  Subtle hints are given at the beginning 2 minutes of the clip, the remainder around the 6 minute point of the game...watch it in full, or in segments, I got chills at the end!


  1. My husband showed me this video the other day! I'm not a gamer, but I did play Portal 2 with him, and this video is so cute!

  2. I think it's great our husbands appreciate our love for weddings and proposals, even visible in the gaming world! :)


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