We Chose Each Other-Part II

The Venue

Previously I shared the ceremony aspect of our wedding.  If you missed it, the post is We Chose Each Other-Part I.  Part II is the reception, held at The Wright House, in Mesa, Arizona.

We loved our reception!  I put so much time and thought into how to pull off a beautiful reception that people would remember.  The Wright House offers (2) different venue options, one is the Garden Room, the other is Provençal.  Naturally I chose Provençal, bien sur! Those of you whom don't know, I have lived in France, and my favorite region is Provence.  To have a venue in AZ that can pull off a look that is reminiscent to the Provençal countryside, I was floored to discover this treasure of a venue hidden in a non-descript neighborhood.

They provided all vendor needs, from photographer, which is how we went with Clive Van Rensburg, to caterer, cake, bar, DJ, etc.  Essentially they are an all inclusive venue, which made it rather easy, as I was a traveling bride-to-be, and couldn't really do it any other way.  

The decor & design of the venue's space is typical to what you might find within the countryside of Provence, with stonework, lush foliage, twinkling lights & European light poles-all of which made decorating relatively easy.  The linens chosen were simple, I didn't want bold touches to the tables, simple keeps it easy & elegant.  I chose creme tablecloths, with sheer gold (to resemble the champagne of the bridesmaid dresses) & cream striped overlays.  The chairs provided were either white, or gold-I chose gold to keep with the table theme.    

What I wanted was the venue to shine, and of course the soundtrack is what made the vibe unique.  The DJ worked so well with us.  We gave him our "do not play" list first, and then he worked with us on specific choices for the cocktail hour, the dining hour, etc.  A whole post will be dedicated to our soundtrack, please stay tuned for this part! 

The catering & cake also played a major role for us.  We did not want our guests to be let down with what was to be served to them.  We worked with Madison Avenue Catering & Buttercream Cake Company.  The menu chosen was chicken stuffed with an asparagus cream stuffing or pork tenderloin served with an apple chutney.  The chicken was lovely I must say! The most moist chicken I've had at a large scale event! I've been to a 5 star venue with dry chicken-this was delish!  The cake was 3 layers, each layer being a different flavor.  One of the layers, my fave, was champagne & strawberries-not a bite was left over! 

To play on the venue's Provence theme, I created table numbers which were cities found in Provence, i.e. Cannes, Antibes, Eze, etc.  Guests received 2 favors at their seats, one useful, and one very unique.  Being in the travel industry, and at the time working for an international airline, the natural choice of favors were luggage tags.  

The other favor I discovered when in Provence on a business trip.  While touring the Four Seasons Provence, local vendors were present with their unique offerings.  Of those items were these violet flower petals, encrusted in sugar.  I thought, how bizarre...and then the woman handed me a glass of champagne, and dropped a petal into my glass!  The champagne turned a violet/lavender hue, bubbles effervesced, & my champagne had a sweet floral taste!  I grabbed their card and later made arrangements to ship a few bags to the US for inclusion in our reception. 

Our reception was everything I always wanted, but never knew I'd actually have until I walked into The Wright House.  For me I know I chose the perfect wedding venue for my husband and I, nothing else made as much sense.  That is how it should be in the end.  What makes the most sense for a couple, and often times the results are better than first expected.  

Check out our soundtrack over at Sound Track To I Do 


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