{Real Couples} When a lovey e-shoot get's crashed...

By a Zombie?!!

This engagement shoot is one for the books for sure!  

My husband actually directed me to this amazing piece of prenuptial photography he found while frequenting a site I am not familiar with, Fark.  Upon viewing the finding, I was floored!  I do admit, I'm a little Zombie crazed, as I love "Sean of the Dead", and most recently got hooked on "The Walking Dead".  Never been a zombie girl until this past year! 

Anyway, I immediately reached out to the photographer, Amanda Rynda, to see if she would be interested in submitting to me her engagement session-with a Zombie twist.  I was so thrilled when she agreed for me to share her amazing work!

Are you ready for this?  Let's get to it!


Cue creepy horror film music.....

First off, I have to say the scenic field of wild flowers, the sun's angle & this adorable couple, Juliana & Ben, really made for a gorgeous engagement session.  Amanda captured the soft sunlight so beautifully, it all looks so whimsical.  

Which was so surprising to then see the couple have unsavory company creeping up on them! I love the concept!  Turning an engagement shoot into a dramatic story board.  

Here's a little note from Amanda Rynda, describing how this amazing idea unfolded.

I went to college with Juliana (we both studied animation at CalArts) so when Ben & Juliana got engaged and had the idea to do a zombie themed engagement session, I was so excited to be a part of it. They wanted to put their personalities into it and do something a little quirky. Quirky is right up my alley so I knew we'd have a great time pulling this idea together. Juliana told me "We want to survive a zombie attack and then hug because we're in love!" Who wouldn't jump to do an engagement session like that?!

We didn't do much to prepare - we just took the idea and ran with it. Our zombie (and fellow CalArts alum) Jason Boesch arrived with Ben & Juliana. Juliana styled the shoot and did the makeup. We just grabbed a shovel from my garage and headed out to have some fun. When we arrived at the location (just off the side of the road in Valencia CA) we just had to touch up Jason's makeup and then we ran with the idea making sure to just enjoy ourselves.

What a great challenge for Amanda, to be presented with a "Zombie attack" for an engagement shoot, and to pull this off for her friends-an excellent collaborative effort!  

I do love it in the end when the zombie and engaged couple made friends!  Wonder if Mr. Zombie will get an invitation to their wedding?  Who knows, would be fun to carry this idea forward!

Many thanks to Amanda Rynda for sharing her photography with me!  I look forward to the forthcoming challenges presented her way, and seeing them become a reality!  

Photographer: Amanda Rynda, Los Angeles, California