{DIY} No Sew Decorative Pillow

Happy Labor Day, everybody!  How did you spend your day off?  DIYing like me?  However you spent your holiday, I hope you are relaxed and rejuvenated for the short work week ahead! For those not in the U.S., I hope you had a lovely Monday!

Onto today's DIY goodness, I am all about projects that are no sew!  I think many can relate my delight of saving string and needles for adhesive bonding products for fabric and other uses. 

For starters, I do not have a sewing machine, which is on my wishlist this year.  My husband has been floored about my DIY projects this year, and has dropped a few hints I might find a sewing machine under the Christmas tree this year!  Another point, I cannot sew by hand-if I do, it is to sew a fallen button and that is it!  Stitching in a straight line is not my forté.  For now, I opt to find no sew projects! 

I whipped up this no sew pillow today in about 30 minutes, from start to finish, it was very easy to do, and required few supplies-another plus.  

Here's what you need:
2 12" X 12" Fabric Squares (I used denim)
8 12" strips of Adhesive Bonding Tape (Found at Hobby Lobby) 
Trim (I used vintage looking crochet lace)

Step 1:
Cut your fabric into 12" squares, or whatever size you desire.  I chose 12" as a pretty average sized decor pillow.  I used my yard stick to help measure the squares out, and to help keep cutting the edge straight.

Step 2:
Lay your fabric so that the underneath part is facing up.  Cut up your 4 adhesive bonding strips, and apply 3, reserve the 4th to be used at the end of the project.  Lay the adhesive strip along the edges.  The adhesive bonding is double sided, so once you've adhered the strips to the fabric, pull off the backing of the strips to reveal the other side of the the very stick stuff.  This part is tricky, the backing can be tough to pull away from the adhesive, but promise me, it will.  

Not pictured here, I laid out the 4th piece of adhesive for the uncovered edge, and kept the backing on-I did this to simply remind me to not over stuff the pillow, which you will see soon.  

Step 3:
Take your 2nd piece of fabric, making sure it is facing upwards, and carefully align the piece with the awaiting piece of fabric.  Once you adhere the pieces together pulling apart to correct can be tricky as well, so you want to really make sure you are lined up exactly, and in one try-it's not that difficult, just make sure everything is even.  

Once you have completed this step, you will have a fabric "pocket".  -Sorry I don't have a pic of this, but I hope you get the idea...

Step 4:
Get out the remaining strips of adhesive bonding tape, and begin covering the 3 edges of your fabric pocket.  The trick here, align the adhesive so that half of it is on the fabric, and the other half hanging over.  Once you've adhered to the fabric, fold over the overhang to then adhere to the other side-this is what you will adhere your trimming to.  Think of it as sealing your edges, and using the trim to cover up the exposed edges, which aren't really pretty.  

Now take out your trim, and align exactly to the adhesive bonding tape.  Same as before, align with half of the trim adhered to the edge, then fold the remaining half over adhering to the opposite edge, covering the sealing you've already laid out.  

Now your fabric pocket is sealed and covered in pretty trim, as seen below.  I made the top part have a little less trimming to mark as the top of the pocket.  You don't have to do this, but I chose to add a little character.  

Step 5:
The next part is easy, stuffing the pocket to create a pillow!  I chose to use leftover wedding gift wrap paper I had, and was in no shape to get reused for a wedding gift.  You can use anything to fill your pocket, from regular pillow stuffing, to tissue paper, whatever you want to use, and in my case reuse for a new purpose.

I stuffed in the gift wrap, and made sure to level it out so that the pillow wouldn't be lop sided.  

As mentioned earlier with leaving the adhesive strip with the backing on it (which can be seen pictured above with the trimmed pocket), I held the pocket open with one hand, while I pulled the backing off, and then gently made sure the edges aligned evenly.  I then sealed the edge and covered in trimming as I did with steps 3 & 4.

Et voila!  You have an adorable no sew pillow!

The fun part come in adding little embelishments to spruce up the pillow to match your decor, whether for an event, such as a bridal shower or wedding reception, or home decor!  As usual if you create DIY projects for wedding receptions, more often those items can be used to decorate your newlywed haven!

I chose denim because I had plenty left over prom a previous and fun project, Fabric Roses (denim & burlap), tutorial seen here.  I used a few of those fabric roses to decorate the pillow with.  I adhered the roses to brooch pin backs, rather than to the fabric itself, so that I can change out embelishments when I desire to do so.  Brooch pin backs can be found at any craft store, by the way, and are rather cheap to come by.

I do foresee making more pillows with the coming holidays, even giving a few as gifts!  Are you up to making your own no sew pillow?  Leave a comment to let me know if this is in your future, especially the link to your pillow so I can see your creation! 

Happy DIYing! 


  1. Super cute! One of my favorite new discoveries is the seam glue which is great for quick, no sew projects!

  2. Thanks, Alicia! Isn't that stuff the best! Cannot wait to create more no sew projects with the stuff!


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