{Inspiration Boards} Orange & Green Make a Fine Pair

There is nothing I love more than how colors not normally in my preferred color palette can come together more beautifully, green and orange do, especially in the fall.  They are a natural pair, and can be found running amuck beautifully this time of year.  

For starters, gourds have the natural balance of orange and green.  Being that we are in the autumn season, these natural beings are quite abundant.  Wreaths are also starting to appear on doorways, in different fashions, a unique way to add a splash of autumnal touches to a wedding.  

When creating a color palette for a wedding, the color is half the battle, how to implement the color is the other half.  Take the garland of hearts for example, that is simply using green and orange hued sheets of paper, with other colors like brown & beige, and turning a detail into a fun DIY project!  

I do love the use of mason jars, painted white, whether as centerpieces or table numbers, to be vessels for a natural bouquet of green, orange, & brown foliage.  It's simple AND cheap!  

Find the natural simplicity in the season to create a rustic, yet elegant, touch to your wedding.  Whatever inspires you, it's the little things that can make the difference.  

Happy planning!  

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  1. I love the wreath combining moss and pumpkins!


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