{Real Couples} Kat + Joe, Virginia

Why not?!  Love it! I love this engagement session, sent to me by Tim Riddick Photography.  This fun couple has such a playfulness with one another, which Tim honed in on their vibe, and captured their spirit.

Here's a little note from the photographer:
Joe and Kat are both college basketball coaches. They are perhaps one of the most unique couples that i have i ever met. Joe proposed to Kat at the beach via a message in a bottle and of course she said yes.

Love it, and you will too!  I present to you Tim Riddick Photography.

My fave images are the ones on the bikes, and reading the newspaper!  I do love Kat's aqua dress with the semi stark backdrop, it adds a great pop of color!

Wishing Kat & Joe much congrats on their upcoming wedding, and many thanks to Tim Riddick Photography for submitting your photography with us!

Photographer: Tom Riddick Photography, Virginia


  1. Been a fan of Tim's for a while now. Great e-sesh!

  2. Thanks for comments ladies! I love being introduced to fantastic photographers and sharing their amazing works! I cannot wait to see more of Tim's work!

  3. What a cute couple! I really love the mix of black & white and color photos. There's a really great variety of photos here!


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