{Real Wedding} Katy & Chris's Rockin' Raleigh, North Carolina Wedding

We have a gorgeous southern wedding today, submitted by Bethany and Dan Photography.  I learned from the photographer's notes that this adorable couple, Katy & Chris, had a blog, detailing the steps of their wedding planning process: Simply Beginning.  

Once I took a peek at the couple's blog, I decided to reach out to them to see about sharing any details of their wedding plans.  Katy replied, and I was thrilled to learn more about their unique details.

Here is a little note from Katy, regarding their wedding planning:

We wanted to do an outdoor wedding, but we also really wanted to get married in August... in North Carolina. If you haven't been to North Carolina in August, you might not know that, that is a recipe for disaster. Every August afternoon has a good chance of 103 degree heat and an afternoon thunderstorm just in time for the 5:00 ceremony. So... we decided to plan the party indoors, but to make it feel as much like an outdoor wedding as possible.

With our outdoor feel in mind, we decided on loose, garden-like flowers. We chose blue, cream and green hydrangeas with cream colored roses and glass pillar candles for centerpieces. We also decided to go with buffet-style heavy hors d'oeuvres instead of a seated dinner and an awesome band, The Party Nuts, to get people moving around and dancing. One of my favorite decoration pieces was the light contraption we had a local shop put together. The result was twinkling lights over the dance floor that gave the whole room a sort of street fair meets vintage wedding look and feel. It set the dance floor apart, and, I think, helped attract people to come dance... exactly what we wanted!

So, let's get onto the wedding, shall we?  I present to you now the wedding of Katy & Chris, beautifully photographed by Bethany and Dan Photography:

What a fun wedding!  And dance they did! I love all the dancing images, looks like it was a fun gathering!  I'm also loving Katy's dress, it is so stunning!

Here's another note on the favors they chose to have for their wedding guests:

We decided that we wanted to do something special to represent ourselves and make our wedding at least a little unique without going overboard on the personalized napkins and such that seemed a little cheesy to us. So, we made favors to represent two of our biggest hobbies. I love to cook, and Chris brews beer. We made homemade peach jam and bottles of "Matrimony-ale" to hand out to our guests as they left. They were both a big hit, and we had a blast making them.

Homemade jam & home brewed beer, I love these as favors, and more importantly, that each made their one favor spurred from their hobbies.  Very sweet compromise!  Be sure to check out their blog for the beer brewing process and other tid bits put into their wedding: Simply Beginning

Final notes on the overall planning process:

I think, after all the planning, the biggest surprise to me was how much fun it was. I know it sounds silly, but before the wedding I expected to look back and think the wedding had been, "lovely," or "charming," or "delightful." When it was all said and done, all I could think (and all we heard from our guests for weeks) was, "Man! That was a FUN wedding!" I think my biggest piece of advice for future brides is to focus more on fun than pretty if you don't think you have enough time to plan both well or if you are making decisions based on any limitations. You won't regret it!

I agree with the advice to planning brides.  Realize what the limitations are, and focus on making the wedding be a reflection of your personalities, the benefits are truly rewarding.  

I would probably have chimed in with the same sentiments of what a fun wedding! The Party Nuts look like they had as much a blast entertaining the wedding crowd, as the crowd enjoyed their entertainment!  

Congrats to Katy & Chris on your recent nuptials, and a big thank you for being up to sharing your planning details!  Many thanks to Bethany and Dan Photography for submitting your photography with us!

Caterer/Venue: Sisters Catering
Floral Designer: Greg Warren Flowers
Theme Design:  Theme Works
Cake Design:  Simply Cakes


  1. I love Katy's advice about focusing on fun. This wedding looks like a blast!

  2. I totally agree with Katy focusing on FUN! Thanks for stopping by the blog!

  3. This is a beautiful wedding! Where did the reception take place?

    1. Hi Susan! All I know is that the caterer is called Sister's Catering, I believe they might have their own "venue" where they operate out of and people use for weddings. Their site isn't full of many details, so it's hard to tell. Hope that helps!


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