{Trash The Dress} Frolicking in Lake Michigan

Here is a first for the blog, an awesome Trash The Dress session!  I have been waiting a long time to receive a TTD submission, I love these type of shoots.  So many brides are coming up with creative ways to wear their wedding dress one last time, even finding ways to get the dress a little dirty.  After all, the dress was photographed in all of it's glory during the ceremony & reception, so here's a chance to run amuck and frolic about in the dress, not caring if the dress would be ruined-it's not getting worn again.  Love this concept!  Is it too late for me to do this, I wonder?  It's been 2 years since our wedding, I wonder...

Anyway, back to this shoot, which was submitted to me via Two Bright Lights, photographed by Maggie Rife Photography.  The imagery is really stunning, and provides the perfect balance of lighting and scenery, while also capturing the joy & glee of the newlywed couple.

I present to you the work of Maggie Rife, this gorgeous couple, and the dress that is getting one last chance to play.

I love this shoot and how the cityscape of Chicago creates a stunning backdrop in many of the images.   I am swooning over the dress, and how beautiful it looks when submerged in the frigid Lake Michigan. 

The last image is so sweet, with the groom wrapping his arms and blanket around his soaked bride to keep her warm. 

Many thanks to Maggie Rife Photography for submitting your stunning work!  

Photography: Maggie Rife Photography, Chicago, Illinois


  1. Such sweet pictures - trash the dress sessions are always so fun!

  2. Aren't they sweet? This couple is really cute, I love how the husband joined his new bride in the lake!

  3. Love that the groom joined in! Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline make for fun pictures with a great background!


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