{Real Couples} Lauren & Bryan's High Flying Engagement Session

I have got an amazing engagement shoot for you today!  Are your seat belts secured tight and your seat back in the upright position?!  It's time for take off!

This shoot, submitted via Two Bright Lights from Fixed Focal Photography, makes me think of the timeless classic, "Come Fly With Me", from Frank Sinatra!  This cute couple plays the vintage travel theme very well!

Thanks to Bryan's job in the music industry, Lauren and Bryan have been able to make multiple trips around the world together. Since travel has been such a big part of their lives, they wanted to incorporate it into their engagement shoot. During the sunnier late afternoon, we wanted a more classic/vintage look complete with antique suitcases, old maps of Atlanta and Lauren even found some old plane boarding passes to complete the theme! During long layovers, they always played die hard games of Uno (card game) so we definitely wanted to be sure to add that into the mix. After sunset, the couple changed into more formal attire, wanting to have a sort of "sexy international spy" look. :-) Lauren's blonde curls and deep red lipstick definitely added the perfect amount of classic beauty. Lauren and Bryan are an amazing couple who genuinely adore each other, the air almost seemed to hum with their happiness!

I present to you Fixed Focal Photography.

I love all of the vintage details.  Lauren, the bride to be, pulls off the vintage glam look very well.  I love the inclusion of the couple's love of travel, including the sweet game of "Uno"!

I love the image with the lipstick kiss marks covering Bryan's face-so fun!  Lauren & Bryan make a very charming couple, with a very fun spirit that Ashley at Fixed Focal Photography captured so well.  

Many thank to Fixed Focal Photography for submitting to us your beautiful work! 


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  1. Love!! I love the 50s and shoots and clothes inspired by it! My fav is the shots with the leather jackets...they look amazing...sexy couple! xoxo


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