{Styled Shoot} Cotton Field of Dreams

The thing I am loving about blogging is connecting with local talents, especially when concerning photography.  A few months back I had reached out to Brittany of Brushfire Photography, who had done an adorable engagement shoot in Tempe, AZ.  I was so elated when she agreed to me sharing her work on the blog, which turned out to be my first ever {real couples} engagement session!  If you missed this shoot, it can be seen here

Since sharing Brittany’s amazing engagement shoot, I have followed her work, and have remained in touch.  I reached out a little while back, checking in with her to see if she had any work to share.  When she responded with this styled shoot you are about to see, I was so thrilled!  It’s whimsical, delicate, full of charm, and truly shows Brittany’s talents, not just in photography, but in crafting her own styled shoot!  The scene is set in a cotton field, near Queen Creek, Arizona.

Feast your eyes on this beautiful styled shoot from Brushfire Photography:

The vibe of this shoot reminds me a bit of "Alice in Wonderland".  I don't know if it's the sweet headband, the tea party ambiance, but I adore it!

A few notes from Brittany on how this shoot came together:

I wanted to have fun with this styled shoot and not spend a lot of money. I love working with other vendors and collaborating, but I had very little time to put this shoot together so I decided to do it on a very strict budget and not worry too much about getting tons of details. Most of the details such as the small table, blue suitcase, vases, and chair are all items from my home. The teapot I found at a Goodwill for $4 and I bought clear blue scrapbooking letters for the "Love is Brewing" on the teapot.

I tried to borrow a dress for the shoot, but that is always the hardest part. Finding a designer willing to lend out a dress is not easy. Instead I went to a craft store and bought 10 25 yd spools of 6" white tulle. I cut the tulle into 6 ft strips then tied each strip to a piece of elastic that was sewn to the models waist size. The dress did not require any sewing, just lots of tying. Then once the skirt was to the fullness I desired it was paired with a white top and a ribbon to finish it off. So easy!  The entire styled shoot cost about $30.

Amazing job to Brittany for doing a styled shoot with a budget of $30!  Major kudos for making that sweet dress, sans sewing-makes me feel I could make a sew-less tulle dress!

The scenery is so serene.  Seeing this cotton field, and the sunflowers, makes me want to step out of the metropolis of the Phoenix suburbs, and into the country a few miles from my home.

Many thanks to Brittany from Brushfire Photography for sharing your beautiful work with the blog!

Photography:  Brushfire Photography, Queen Creek, Arizona


  1. I'm continuing to love looking at this shoot! Thanks for the comment, Natalie!

  2. So pretty! I'm amazed at the budget, and that Brittany made that gorgeous skirt! Beautiful location + photos.

  3. I agree about the skirt! I'll have to take lessons! Thanks for stopping by, Jenna! :)

  4. Gorgeous!! Hey If I may ask, whats the address of this beautiful field?

    1. Hi Samantha! Brittany, the photog, advised it's a cotton field in Queen Creek. So if you're from here, cotton fields are in the surrounding area! HTH! :)


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