"Keep runnin' runnin'!"

Hello dear Savvy Deets Bridal readers!

Oh how I've missed blogging the past few weeks!! :(  I've been so MIA, its a terrible feeling.  I've been overwhelmed with a lot of real life activity, and it has sorely affected my ability to post any content at all, and to just be an active blogger, tweeter, even a friend.

My work life has been insane, and then I have decided to participate in "K" runs (5K, 12K, etc) leading up to a half marathon in January!  The pic above is of the Phoenix10K race I just participated in over the weekend-I ran the 5K, a first!  The training is unreal, exhausting, and rewarding.  Combining the long runs with my long work days, all I want to do is crash for a few hours, before a new day starts again.

The insanity at my job is beginning to subside, and I've just been advised my contract will end sooner then anticipated.  So the job hunt begins anew.  Ideally I'd love to blog for a living and create new content everyday.  Maybe one day I will-one can dream, right? :)

I have some inspirations boards coming, just in time for the holidays, and some amazing submitted real wedding shoots that I cannot wait to share with you all!  I will be back in action, but for the time being I'm running around, literally!

Sending the very best wishes to all!



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