{Real Couples} Katey & Blake's Vintage Farm Fresh & Cozy Love Shoot

We have a fresh new post today, featuring Ellie Marks Photography, for the 2nd time! 

This adorable shoot takes place on a farm, and the images look straight from the 1930's, at least it does to me! It reminds me of the photographs my grandmother had of her time growing up on a farm in Moline, Kansas.  The clothes chosen for this shoot are reminiscent of the depression era.  If the photography seen here was in black and white, I'd have a hard time believing they were not modern! 

Here is a little note from photographer Ellie Marks:
Katey and Blake first met in high school when she was a freshman and he was a Sophomore. They started dating shortly after but like many high school sweet heart they went their separate ways when Blake graduated from high school. Fast forward 4 years and they reconnect and start dating. They have now been back together for 6 years and couldn't be happier. They are swearing off getting married just yet but after buying a house together to fit them, their dog and 2 cats they wanted to have beautiful pictures to show their love a have them to hang on a wall. We chose a local farm as the location for the shoot. Both Blake and Katey love music and wanted to incorporate into a vintage style farm session. Since they both love animals they wanted to take some pictures next to some of the farm animals.

Behold Ellie Marks Photography!





I love the vibrant splashes of color against the subdued hues of the background and clothing.  I'm a fan of the light makeup with the gorgeous pop of red lipstick! 

My favorite image, if I can have one, is of the two wrapped in the crocheted blanket.  It's very sweet and exudes the couple's cozy love for one another. 

Many thanks to Ellie Marks for submitting to us another great photo shoot!