{Styled Shoot} The First Look

Happy Monday, all!  I am loving this Monday, as it begins the start of a short work week, with the Thanksgiving holiday weekend coming up!  

What I am also loving about this Monday is this sweet styled shoot, that is really a shoot dedicated to a couple's "first look"!  Normally "first look" shots are taken prior to walking down the aisle on the actual wedding day, yet this shoot is before the day of the wedding, and allows the couple to have an entire shoot dedicated to how they react to those first moments upon viewing each other at first sight!

Here is a note shared by the photographer Ellie Marks, on how this shoot came to be. 

Breanna and Ryan are clearly a couple in love. They are very different though and they are a true case of opposites attracts. He is a biologist that loves to collect bugs while she is an Engineer that loves photography.They do have a common love of music that they wanted to incorporate into their special day. More and more people are choosing to see each other before their ceremony on the wedding day and so I decided to create their "first look" with a twist by placing a door in the middle of the field and asking Breanna to wait on one side of the door for her groom to arrive. It was so magical to see them stand on each side of the door without seeing eachother but when they did lay eyes on each other you could clearly see just how happy they were to share that moment alone with one another in the middle of a beautiful field. The dress is from Bella Couture in Birmingham, AL The car is from Coats Classic cars in Birmingham,AL

I introduce to you the photography of Ellie Marks!  I love this concept of a "first look" shoot!

Such an adorable concept!  I love the door idea!  I can imagine being on the other side of the door, slightly tapping to hear the other's voice, say "are you ready", and then the moment happens, and it is so cute!  

I'm loving the bride's dress, and the serenading groom!  So sweet!  I also adore the image the groom, soaking in the sight of his bride, scratching his chin-such a charming notion!

Many thanks to Ellie Marks Photography for sharing your work with us! 

Photographer: Ellie Marks, Birmingham, Alabama