{Styled Shoot} Tea Party

Who is ready for a sweet "tea time" themed shoot, filled with rolled paper rose bouquets, cupcakes, tea cups, and a beautiful dress?  We certainly are.  This shoot is after our own heart!! 

Zipporah Kapambwe is the brilliant eye behind the camera, and we are so excited to share her work! Simple rolled paper rose bouquets are one of my fave DIY projects! So easy to do, one can get quite creative using different colors & prints of paper.  I also am a fan of tea parties to be the overall theme for bridal showers, baby showers, or just an afternoon amongst friends, sipping tea while sharing conversation.

This shoot inspires how to simply create your own setting for an elegant tea time gathering!



Photography: Zipporah Kapambwe Photography, Illinois


  1. This is so charming! I love the paper flowers.

  2. I am loving the paper flowers as well! Thanks for stopping by! xo


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