{DIY} Ornament Decor Ideas

I love decorating for the holidays!  It's a time to take down certain items that are up all year long, and replace them with beautiful holiday decorations.

The color palette in our downstairs area is normally full of dark browns, ambers, golds and sandstone hues.  When choosing the decor items for the holidays, adding in deep reds always fit perfectly.

A few years back we used to have 2 trees, one downstairs, with a real tree, and decor was a bit fancy and formal, the other tree on our 3rd floor loft was a non-real tree, with more traditional, passed down ornaments.  I loved having the 2 trees on so many levels, and man do I miss the smell of fresh pine in the house!  Once we got a little addition to our newlywed haven, our four-legged baby name LiLu, a real tree was not the best option on the first floor, so we continued with the non-real tree on the top floor.

My dilemma came when I pulled out the ornaments the following year, and I had way too many for our traditional tree! Who knew too many ornaments would bring me dilemmas, but it did!  So, I was left with these pretty ornaments, and no way to show them...until I got an idea in my head, and my home has looked the same ever since!

I scrounged around for jars and vases meant for candles and floral arrangements, and filled them with the dazzling ornaments!  I used various sized ornament balls, the smallest to fill the spaces and gaps, and alternated the colors and designs, so as to make an evenly distributed arrangement.

Last year while perusing Michael's, I discovered a candle tree, that had a few missing candles.  It was deeply discounted, yet I had no fear.  I made my little purchase, came home, took out the candle holders, and replaced them with ornaments in (again) alternating colors and patterns, and fashioned the tree to be an ornament tree, with the candles at the base of the tree. With those flickering little candles below the ornaments, it dazzled the little space even more! Major win!!

It doesn't take much for this gal to be inspired for the holidays, especially when I have a mind set of what works for the year round home decor, and how I can add little touches of holiday cheer to make it swoon worthy!  

The same thing goes for wedding planning as well, concerning decorations! If you are having a Christmas-time wedding, I envy you!  What I would give to have had a wedding in December, I would've let the venue leave the decorating to me! But still, you never know what you can fill the gaps with, and how, and have the end result be inspiring and breathtaking even, any time of the year! 

Happy Holiday, happy decorating, and best of all, happy planning!  


  1. What gorgeous ideas! I swear sparkly Christmas ornaments will never get old to me :)

  2. Why thank you, Rhiannon! I totally agree with the ornaments!


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