Something Sweet for the Holidays

Featuring The Frosted Petticoat

I am quite the fan of The Frosted Petticoat, a fantastical boutique of beautiful handmade edible favors & treats.

I first "met" Sam via her amazing wedding blog!  Her inspiration boards are epic!  I love it when she does "Unlikely Union" inspiration boards, such as her recent one: If Katy Perry Married Donald Trump.  Sam's vision and creativity put into her boards is really magical and always full of whimsy.

After connecting with her, I soon learned of another talent she has, making chocolate lollipops, and various favors that are extraordinary!  I began to hone in on the treats available through The Frost Petticoat Etsy Shop, the creations are so charming!  If you haven't seen these beautiful confections, please take a look.

As I am a fan of The Frosted Petticoat Facebook Page, I recently saw a little blurb about them being 1 purchase away from hitting the milestone of 100 orders, and I so had to hop on and make some sweet purchases and help them reach their goal!  I perused over the sweet holiday treats, and immediately placed my order.  I was so happy to see the 100th order was received & they hit a milestone, one of many more to come.

I ordered an assortment of pops, from Chocolate Snowflakes, to Swirl Star Lollipops, and Round Snowflake Pops.  They are so divine & DeeLISH!

As I was the 100th customer, I did receive the most unexpected, yet highly adored, gift from Sam, a box of chocolate buttons!  I adore buttons, and these little treats look so real, and are oh so sweet! 

Thanks so much to Sam for including this with my purchase!

As these beauties have to be shared with my loved ones, I'm including them in cute ways to adorn Christmas presents.  I just happened to have snowflake covered wrapping paper, and the addition of the snowflake pop just makes it stand out and adds a little something extra for the receiver to cherish. 

If you're like me you'll drool over all the creations going on at The Frosted Petticoat!  The creativity is truly unique, and the confections make for amazing favors for weddings, showers, or just because.

Thanks again, Sam and the Frosted Petticoat crew! You'll see me back for more, for sure! 

Happy Holidays!!


  1. Ooooh, we feel so honored to be in this lovely feature! And who doesn't love a little sugar on top of their present?! ;) Thanks, darling!!!

  2. Aww, you're very welcome, lovely! My loved ones adored the treats with their gifts! Happy Holidays to you & Happy New Year! xo


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