{Real Couples} "Just a Boy & a Girl, In a Little Canoe"...

Happy Friday!  As much of the country is hidden under feet of snow, or sunshine as is the case here in Phoenix today, I have an adorable engagement shoot to warm up your heart!

We are happy to feature, for the 2nd time, Love Caryn Photography!  Her work always touches my heart, and is filled with sweet moments and unique props.  

This shoot has 2 scenes; one is set upon a seemingly quiet lake, the other with the city as the backdrop, both equally charming.

Here is a little note that the photographer included:
"And we'll all float on all right" was one line that inspired this couple's engagement session! They love modest mouse, music and all things active! They love canoeing and the water, and Bryon proposed on the grey steps of Austin's Long Center so we went back to capture a few photos in that special place, as well. Their wedding will be this March!

Now, onto this adorable Austin engagement shoot!

I love the use of the canoe!  It sets up a darling vibe in the middle of the lake.  As soon as I saw this young couple seated in the canoe, I immediately thought of a little song that was popular during my early years as a Girl Scout-yes, I jut admitted that! Anyway, the song was about, well, a boy and a girl in a canoe!  

Likewise, I appreciate the contrast from the quiet lake setting with the city scene, it shows a little bit country, a little bit city, always a plus in our books!

Many thanks to  Love Caryn Photography  for submitting your amazing work to us, yet again!  

Photography: Love Caryn Photography, Austin, Texas