{Real Weddings} Casey & Matt's Surprise Winter Wedding

Who doesn't love surprises?  Surprise proposals, surprise birthdays, surprise trips, but a surprise wedding?!  I say, yes please!  Today we are able to share with you a sweet surprise wedding, that was submitted to us from Carmen Wang Photography!

I love the idea of being invited to a cocktail party, and being blown away that the cocktail party is the set up for a wedding! 

Here's a note on this surprise wedding from the photographer:
A surprise wedding! It was planned so well by the couple that all the guests thought it was just a cocktail party. Only the couple, minister, bride's mom, maid of honor knew this in advance. First the couple saw each other beforehand and took bridal portraits. Before guests arrived, they changed to cocktail dress. Then they mingled with guests for about 30 minutes and snuck out to change to their wedding dress. The photographer gathered every guest and they showed up from the back. When the minister announced “by the way, they are getting married”, smiles, cheers, kisses, and hugs filled the whole place. Absolutely happy and loving couple! Super sweet bride!

Introducing for the first time on the blog, Carmen Wang Photography:

What a cute couple, to pull off such a sweet surprise wedding! I love the vineyard setting, one of my fave venues for a wedding.  And the wintry attire, I'm in love with that faux fur bolero jacket, it's very swoon worthy!

I want to be a guest at a surprise wedding, don't you?  Just when you think you're invited to attend an evening soiree sipping wine, you're celebrating the marriage of two people.  Such a joyous and unforgettable evening!

Many thanks to Carmen Wang Photography, for submitting to us this wonderful wedding!

Photography: Carmen Wang Photography, Frederick, Maryland
Floral Designer: Ory Custom Florals, New Market, Maryland
Venue: Black Ankle Vineyard, Frederick, Maryland


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