Planning Brides & Grooms: Exciting news from Groupon!

Groupon wants to help you plan your wedding!

Yup, that's right! Groupon now offers discounts to all things Wedding related!  Now that is something to toast to!  Click on the image above, and you'll be directed to your city's page, for local deals, as well as national deals, all to help you save!  Don't forget to subscribe to these deals, so you can constantly get updated on the many ways to save for your wedding!

**A fun challenge to be had: have a Groupon wedding, where everything purchased and booked you saved on via Groupon's Wedding Deals!! That might take time and patience, but it is now possible!**

I've always suggested for people to look to Groupon for wedding planning: whether it's to save on day of wedding pampering at spas, limo & photography discounts, savings at venues, even honeymoon getaways!  That fact did take time to scour through every daily deal in hopes that something would benefit a bride or groom for their wedding.  Now anything you could need for your wedding is bundled into one category, just as the Groupon Getaways, and other bundles.

Now don't you feel special that Groupon has dedicated a section to you happy couples! Just another reason to fall in love with Groupon as you're making your way to the big day! See what's available in your city, or the city you are to be wed in-any little bit helps!

Happy savings, and happy planning!


  1. Hey Kristen, love your site. Thanks for sharing about Groupon's new wedding deals. I'm curious, have you heard of I just discovered it recently and think it's a lot better than Groupon's wedding section. Since they specialize in weddings, they have a lot more deals per city. Also they have deals that are specific to the wedding date. I thought that was interesting and a good idea. Anyways, just thought you'd want to check it out! Have a great day!

    1. I have heard of! In fact I have met the people who started the site. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Great options out there to help couples out with their Big Day! Thanks for passing on the info!

  3. What a good idea, I did not know and had not considered coupons and groupon for wedding preparation items. Good idea, will share.


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