{Real Couples} A Day at the Museum

Happy Saturday!

Hope your weekend is off to a bright springy step!  We hope to help you find some pep to your step with this bright and cheerful engagement shoot! Today we are featuring Brendon Pinola Photography for the first time on the blog!  We are so happy she submitted to us her beautiful photography.

This shoot takes place in Indianapolis, Indiana, and is set at the Indiana State Museum.  I love public venues, like museums, for shoots, it always creates amazing backdrops and unusual splashes of color and textures.

Behold Brendon Pinola Photography, as she shoots this engaged couples amazing day at the museum!

Such a charming engagement shoot! I love the couple's choice for attire, definitely a throw back to the old school days, with the cardigan sweater and scarf-not to forget their fun with fuzzy hats!!  

The main attraction is the beautiful architectural structures around the museum grounds and nearby area.  They too have the LOVE statue, which is always a go to statue for engaged couples.  I love this LOVE statue for the natural earthy hue, opposed to the typical red letters.  The brilliant pops of vibrant colors throughout the shoot make everything stand out and come to life.

I so love when e-shoots showcase an element that portrays where the session is taking place-such as the City of Indianapolis manhole cover.  It might be significant as to where the couple may have met, where they are to wed, etc.  Landmarks too help showcase the city, such as the Empire State Building of New York City.  There is something to be said, however, showing a city's name or a famous street, for their feet walked along the city's streets when they  met, for example.  

I do have to mention I love the image with the fog! Such a creative shot! I wonder how that was created!  Dear Brendon, please share!

Many thanks to Brendon Pinola Photography for sharing your work with us!