{Styled Shoot} Charming Garden Delight

Happy Friday!!

Oh how I've missed blogging, and sharing all that is beautiful and wonderful with you all! Since the beginning of 2012 life has been a bit of a crazy roller coaster!  Well, I am changing that tone today and moving forward, sharing the best and latest in all things wedding related, and life related as well!  

The biggest change in my life, (WARNING by the way, I'm sharing a bit of personal breaking news to everyone), I am expecting my first baby!  I am 4 months along, and we (DH and I), couldn't be happier! We are expecting our little darling come early September, and I pray I can get through the heat that envelopes Phoenix during those final months of pregnancy.  

I took a bit of down time from blogging, as I just wasn't feel all that joyful and "glowy", as I thought expectant moms would be.  I was down right sick, feeling terrible, constant migraines, you name it.  Now that I'm into my 2nd trimester things are definitely on the brighter side, and I've been told I am glowing! Yay! I was worried that I wasn't emitting that maternal glow yet.  

Anyway, I'm still a lover of all things wedding related, and I will further that love with also stepping into the family blogging realms.  For it's natural to discuss weddings, then what comes after the nuptials and settling down into a home, creating a comfy nest, with the onset of babies lingering on the horizon.  At least that is in my case, which is how I started this blog in the first place.  I planned my own wedding, enjoyed nearly 3 years of marriage, while continuing to obsess over weddings and the like, and now that big step has been taken to create a family.  

So, that is my news.  I do not know the sex yet, although I've been told twice with 90% certainty...any guessers? I will not divulge until the Dr. has cleared the news from the ultrasound tech! 

Anyway, onto wedding talk now.  Today I have the pleasure of featuring Shutter Chic Photography, which was submitted to me via Two Bright Lights.  I love this styled shoot so much! It's fun, uses many vintage pieces for decor, and is set in a beautiful field-like setting.  The details are truly charming, and make my heartbeat slow a few paces to a place of peacefulness.  This style shoot creates great ideas for planning brides, and anyone wanting to throw a garden-like setting event.  (I see baby shower inspiration here! wink wink)

Behold the beautiful artistry of Shutter Chic Photography!!

There is so much that I love here, I don't know which I love more.  I'm really a fan of using the ladders as a set prop, but as well to hang the pretty fabric drapes/bunting as the backdrop.  

I am loving the use of the turquoise glassware, it screams vintage from my late grandmother's antique collection.  It creates such a beautiful pop of whimsy with the more pastel hued elements and flowers surrounding.  I also love the use of the white milk glass pieces as flower centerpieces.  

I love the use of mason jars as well! Both used as hanging decor, as well as to serve up drinks, with cute little striped straws and paper doilies! Who doesn't love mason jars and doilies? Well I do, it's a charming pair.  And I'm always of fan of using vintage luggage to display escort cards, to collect love notes, it never fails.  

It's all so charming!  Many thanks again to ShutterChic Photography for submitting to us your photography!


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  1. Love the colors! Those pretty blue vases add a unique color to the table.


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