{Real Couples} Nicole & Neal's Frolic in the Desert Engagement Shoot

We have a fun engagement shoot to share with you today, which takes place in the arid Nevada desert.  We are happy to feature Moxie Studio for the first time on the blog! We are very excited for this shoot, as it boasts much color, a playfulness that is charming, a little bit edgy at times, and some cool shots not to be expected!  

Behold the beautiful engagement session of Nicole & Neal, photographed by Moxie Studio!


I have to start off by saying how cute this couple is.  Their love for one another is beaming, and they just have a cute vibe about them.  We cannot forget to mention their sweet pup who makes an appearance, she's a little star in the making! 

I am really loving the use of color pops against the nearly stark white desert, it is really eye catching.  The shots with the balloons are my favorite, especially the image with them seemingly in mid-air- it's brilliant!  Reminds me of "Up" a bit. 

I am all over the four different settings; you see the cracked desert, the ghost town, the desert landscape, and the unusual use of the airplane crash site!  Contrasting concepts are always a win in our book. The downed airplane, the old pick-up truck, the vintage bus all make for great props seen throughout the shot.  How random is the airplane?  It's kind of foreboding, yet it works to make the vibe a little edgy, which is a win for us.  

Many thanks to Moxie Studio for submitting your photography to the blog!

Photography: Moxie Studio

{To view their wedding click here!}


  1. Love it! Thank you for featuring us!

    Moxie Studio

    1. Hi, Lisa! You're welcome! Thanks for submitting your work!



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