{Real Weddings} Melissa & Tony's Rustic Corona, California Wedding

We have a great wedding to share with you today!  This wedding is filled with vibrant colors, and boasts a lot of vintage western charm.  Today we are featuring Cean One Photography for the first time on the blog.  Take a gander at this fun filled wedding with old west charm, won't you?






I love the contrast of the pretty pink bouquet and the stunning gown, juxaposed to the wild west setting!  Love the moment the bride is on the horse, making her way towards the aisle-so rare to see!  The moments the couple shared in the old saloon type building, posed with the piano, are really cute and fun-it looks like a scene from an old western film.  The hillside scenery is gorgeous as well, which enhances the western vibe.

Many thanks to Cean One Photography for submitting to us this gorgeous western wedding!

Photographer: Cean One Photography, Riverside, California
Venues: Starr Ranch, Corona, California


  1. The "Venues: Starr Ranch, Corona, California (www.starrranch.org)" link at the bottom of this article is to Audubon California's Starr Ranch Sanctuary. While we have some pretty cool nature education programs and habitat restoration activity here as well as some unique live nest cams, we don't do weddings. I think you meant to link to www.ridestarranch.com/
    Thanks...but do check out our website too!
    Pete DeSimone
    Starr Ranch Sanctuary

    1. Hi Pete! Thanks for stopping by! Sorry for the mislink! I've updated that.


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