{Checking In} Mid-Year Check Up

Hello Savvy Deets Bridal Readers!

How are you all?  Can you believe 2012 is halfway over?  It's gone by so fast!!  We hope this post finds you well, and that you are all enjoying your summer!  Whether you are playing at the beach, backpacking through Europe, or locking yourself up indoors from the heat, like me, we hope the summer has been kind to you in even the smallest of ways.

This summer is a little different for myself, as I am 7 months going on 9 months pregnant, in the hot heat of Arizona!  We will welcome our darling little girl around the beginning of September, and we are thrilled to be at this stage in life.  I'm just not thrilled with how my body is reacting to the summer heat.  I'm desperately wanting a walk in fridgerator to keep me cool!  All I can say is that this summer is filled with all sorts of new memories in the making, and I cannot wait for what the future summers will bring our little family.

So, with that little bit of real life catch up, it's on to blogging business catch up time!

What we've been up to
I wanted to take a moment to share that we've been making some changes to the blog, and are striving to get even more involved within the wedding community, blogging or otherwise.  We are working to create a new image that is truly customized to fit our style.  Until we've had a blog redesign by a professional, we've made a few adjustments to our logo.  I've learned a ton putting this blog together, and it has all been created by yours truly!  It's been tough to figure things out, and there are truly so many resources out there that have helped this blog (me!) along the way.  We've come such a long way from the "Barbie Doll" type bride, holding onto her cell phone, which was our logo for a long time! Does anyone remember that? I cringe at it, but it was a start somewhere at least, right?!  We've since made many changes, and now are finally getting close to what we want our image to look like.  Hopefully we'll arrive where we want to be in the coming months.

We are coming upon our 2 year "blogiversary", as of October 2012, and we are still enjoying all that comes with being a wedding blogger!!  This whole venture was started because I was a bride myself, as many may know.  Planning my own wedding affected me way more than I ever dreamed it possible, and carried me well beyond our wedding day, 3 years ago this past April.  I learned a lot then, and have enjoyed learning more in this fast and ever changing industry.  I always say, "If I knew then, what I know now, I'd change...", and it is so true.  I would not ever change my wedding day, I'd just tweak a bit here and there.  People still to this day tell me that our wedding set the bar for weddings they go to-it's such an honor to hear that!  I put a lot of work into making our day be the day that it was, and I do take a bit of pride in that.  

Editorial Partnerships
As we are getting ready to celebrate 2 years of blogging, we are also coming upon a year of being a proud member of the Two Bright Lights (TBL) community! This has been a wonderful journey since joining as an editorial partner with them.  It took a lot to get to the point of acceptance, which made for great learning experiences.  I remember reaching out randomly to photographers, whether friends, or off the cuff, to see if they'd let me publish their works, just so that TBL would know how serious I was to become a partner.  I was so happy people allowed me to share, as shortly after I had a few submissions that allowed me to take it to the level of being welcomed into the Two Bright Lights community.

We have now published nearly 100 wedding related photography submissions, and as such we have added a  "grab button" for those featured to post on their own websites or blogs.  We were asked for such a thing to be available on the blog, we listened, and we delivered! We LOVE feedback like that, and are thankful for the suggestion.  If you are a photographer we have published, whether you are Two Bright Lights affiliated or otherwise, feel free to grab the code and display on your site.  The code is below here:
Savvy Deets Bridal
I've so enjoyed sharing different works from so many talented photographers.  Obviously I love real weddings, but the styled shoot submissions are very fun to receive as well.  We like a lot of vintage inspiration with DIY touches.  I love how creative people are getting for their engagement shoots and even trash the dress shoots, and it's great to see the photographers are on board with their clients' desires.  If you'd like to submit a wedding related event, we are very happy to review.  We do have a criteria we follow when reviewing photography submissions, and we carefully deal with each submission on a case by case basis.  To learn more about submitting, please visit our Submission page for more information.  

One major move we just made is opening our blog up to advertisers.  This is long overdue, but it did take some time to establish the blog in such a way, before letting in others to have their ads front and center on our blog.  If you know of individuals that are looking to advertise their business/products/services, related to the wedding industry, please feel free to share this news with them.  We are based in AZ, but we are open to all businesses regionally, nationally and globally, especially when it concerns products.  If you, or know someone who, has a business on Etsy, for example, this would be a great way to get their business in front of brides that visit the blog.  I love what Etsy offers to the wedding industry, by the way.  So many great finds there!

If you are interested in advertising with us, please send an email to info@savvydeetsbridal.com, and we will send your our Media Kit.

Guest Posts
If advertising isn't of interest, we are also looking for people interested in having a guest post featured.  If you have a DIY you think our readers would enjoy, a wedding related submission, or anything to help brides to be with their planning process, we are happy to host you!  Likewise we would be thrilled to submit a guest post to you!  Just let us know what you are looking for. 

Something we are hoping to do more of are giveaways, especially since we are coming upon our 2 year blogiversary.  If you have a wedding related product to giveaway globally, nationally or locally (Arizona), we would be very grateful to hear from you.  Giveaways are another great way for businesses to draw in more traffic and be in front of brides.

We have shared with you a lot of information, but hopefully it is of use in any way.  We wouldn't be where we are today without readers and fans like you.  Thank you so much for your support!  Enjoy the rest of your summer and be safe! 

Warmest Wishes,


  1. Wow! Congrats on the "bun in the oven" :) We are due this October and my wifey isn't a fan of the summer heat either. But I'm sure its nothing like AZ!!! Hang in there... ur in the home stretch! :)

    1. @John, thanks for the well wishes! Congrats and good luck to your wife! :)


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