{Real Couples} The Damsel and The Villain

Every now and then I receive a submission that totally blows me away, and today's engagement shoot submission does not disappoint!  You will see, this shoot plays like a stop motion silent movie, with Chelsea playing the damsel in distress, and Austin playing both the villain and the knight in shining armor-or in this case the burly lumberjack.  It' so fun!  

We are happy to feature Petruzzo Photography for the first time to the blog!  Here's a little background info that William, the guy behind the lens, shared with us:
"While Chelsea is a sweetheart that couldn't take a bad photo if she tried, Austin says he takes a great photo... provided he gets to pretend to be someone else. In this case, Austin & Chelsea weren't so interested in the classic "stand in tall grass looking rustic" photos. (Though they would've played it well). Rather, their mutual creative streak left them less than exited about the contemporary tradition. They wanted to do something a little more unique. Chelsea, like a modern southern belle, and Austin with a villainous mustache and (somehow) gentle eyes, the stage seemed pretty clearly set to tell the age old story of the brawny man rescuing the damsel from her doomed fate between cold steel of train rails. Chelsea & Austin's engagement photos couldn't possibly be any more Chelsea & Austin."

Got to love a couple with a fun "old soul" spirit about them, and they let that shine in their engagement shoot!  So sit back, grab a box of popcorn, and enjoy this animated shoot!



I'm so loving this fun twist to the engagement shoot!  Chelsea and Austin are definitely a match, their spirits are right in tune to one another.  This session had to be full of many laughs, there's no way it couldn't! 

I do love Austin's mustache, by the way, it's so classic!  I have to wonder if it'll make as much an appearance at their upcoming wedding?!  

Many thanks to Petruzzo Photography for submitting to us this unforgettable e-shoot! 

Photography:  Petruzzo Photography, Bowie, Maryland


  1. Well that is absolutely adorable-and so creative too!

    1. I totally agree! Very creative for this couple to make their e-shoot to be like a movie! :)


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