{Real Weddings} Joy & Matt's Rustic Chic California Desert Wedding

Today we have a beautiful rustic chic desert wedding to share with you, filled with many DIY touches planned by the bride.  When Joel with Flashpoint Grafix reached out to me to see if I'd be interested in posting this shoot, I jumped at the opportunity.  This couple is gorg.e.ous and the details are so sweet!

Here is a little note Joel included with this shoot:
This couple is from Venice Beach, California—nearly the polar opposite to Twentynine Palms. Joy has great creative vision. In her planning she created another world for her guests using Polaroid snapshots for the guestbook, DIY spanning pendants, a mirror chandelier, pink flamingos, and potted cactus for souvenirs. All the out of town-ers got an extra special treat as the sun went down and left behind a clear, star-filled sky—a memory that's hard to duplicate with so many city lights. Matt is a DJ so naturally he brought a couple of his team to create the vibe and he even planned a DJ set for himself in dedication to his new bride

I present to you the wedding of Joy and Matt, and the beautiful work of Flashpoint Grafix!




There is nothing like wrapping up a great wedding by ending with a sparkly heart!  

I love how the pinkish and light green hues of the desert were incorporated with the color palette, and that potted cacti were used for favors-so clever!  The bridesmaid flowers are really unique and so beautiful-any guesses as to what type of flower it is?  This curious mind would love to know.  

 Many thanks to Flashpoint Grafix for submitting your photography to be featured on the blog! 

Photography: Flashpoint Grafix, California
Reception Venue: 29 Palms Inn, 29 Palms, California


  1. Awww.... what a sweet post! Thank you for sharing our special day with your readers. My bridesmaid's flowers were King Proteas =)

    1. Of course! We were happy to share your big day! Thanks for the flower name, I didn't even know where to begin with guessing! :) xo


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