{Real Weddings} Sarah & Tim's Charming Bay Village, Ohio Wedding

Happy Monday!  We have such a sweet wedding to share with you all today, to help kick start your week off on a great note! Today's wedding features Jessica Love Photography.  We love her work, and welcome her return always.

This wedding, which is approaching the 1 year anniversary mark, is full of DIY details, romantic touches, and fun surprises.  The bride, Sarah, has agreed to share with me, upon my request, for more info on what went into her beautiful wedding.  I just had to ask about a few things, which you'll find the Q&A throughout the post below.  

Behold the wedding of Sarah & Tim, photographed by Jessica Love Photography:


Q:  The colors throughout are very vibrant, including your bouquet choice. Did you have a specific color palette in mind?
A:  Wow, I appreciate you noticed that!  While I had certainly considered our palatte, I think much of it was really subconscious.  I knew that I wanted to incorporate yellow into our invitations and programs.  It's such a great color to evoke summer, fun and lightheartedness -- and it played well with the grey.  The pink peonies, like many of the elements we included, I was just drawn too.  I love how substantive they are - but so pretty and delicate, too! 

Q: I love your choice of venue. What inspired you to hold your reception at an art museum? 
A: Oh Kristen, we loved it too!  BAYarts is this picturesque arts center that offers classes, concerts, a gallery and more.  It was important to us to contain our ceremony + reception in a single location -- and we were so fortunate our venue was equipped to manage both.  The experience of visiting BAYarts is so pure and delightful.  It's located across the street from the Lake (Erie) and surrounded by beautiful green space.  The campus is colorful and textured -- and we fell in love with the giant wrap around porch attached to the Irene Fuller House, where guests could catch a breeze and enjoy the summer evening. I really couldn't have dreamed a better location and atmosphere for our celebration.


Q: Your cake is so charming! What is the story behind the love birds and buttons?
A:  You are kind!  Thank you!  We credit the extraordinary talent at Sweet Melissa's for the beautiful presentation and delicious treats!  I found the birds here, on Etsy.  They're just so clever and delightful - with one-of-a-kind charm!  And the buttons.  We incorporated them into our invites and cake because, well, they're just fun!  They beg to be touched and exist in so many colors and styles.  I love that something so commonplace can be appreciated in an artful way.

Q:  What was your favorite part about planning your wedding? Any advice to share with planning brides-to-be?
A:  Sure!  For what it's worth, I advise finding really great partners to help coordinate and deliver.  Our vendors took the time to understand our vision and help us achieve exactly what we were looking for.  It was evident that they were on our side -- and that was invaluable.  The partnership was, in fact, my favorite part.  Beyond our incredible vendors, our loved ones were beyond generous with their willignness to elevate this event into something truly special.  We were humbled by our friends and family that so graciously decorated our getaway car, constructed our guestbook 'tree', helped glue tiny buttons onto invitations and lovingly officiate.  And the list goes on. 

So many swoon worthy images seen here, wouldn't you agree?  It is the perfect summer wedding, in such a beautiful part of the country.  

I love the overall feel of this wedding, it is rustic and charming, truly romantic.  I just adore everything about this wedding, from the bouquets to the wishing tree, the gown to the cake, it's all so dreamy.  I am very partial to buttons, and that cake just speaks straight to my heart!  You're right, Sarah, buttons do beg to be touched! 

Many thanks to Sarah for taking the time to share a bit about her and her groom's wedding day!  Hearing the details from brides whom have been there does help those planning to wed.  Involving friends and family to help just makes it all more wholesome and a great time to bond with everyone.  

Oh, and Happy Anniversary to you both!! We hope this post helps you relive your day in some way! 

Thanks as well to Jessica Love Photography for again submitting your work to the blog! It's always a pleasure, and we look forward to more from you!

Photographer: Jessica Love Photography, Columbus, Ohio
Venue: BAYarts, Bay Village, Ohio
Cake: Sweet Melissa's, Rocky River, Ohio
Stationery: Cards and Pockets
Rentals: ABC Rental Center, Maple Heights, Ohio


  1. What a beautiful woman you are, Sarah. Your husband is one lucky gentleman.

  2. Sarah & Tim's wedding was one of the most special weddings I have ever had the honor to attend. They are very special people.


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