{Styled Shoot} "Pretty. Gritty."

Today we are happy to bring you a great styled shoot with different bridal gown styles set in a warehouse setting-thus the "Pretty. Gritty." title.  Not only is this a styled shoot, it can also be considered a "trash the dress" shoot as well, you'll soon see why.  

Today's photography was submitted via Two Bright Lights from Karlo Photography.  I love these images here, as it really helps brides think of what they can do for their bridal portraits, those images before walking down the aisle, or even their own TTD!

Here's a little note from Karlo describing this shoot:
Stacey (owner of Envy Studio) wanted to collaborate on a project for "First Friday", a monthly event in the city. She had just moved her location to downtown and wanted to line something up that would hit with a bang. We decided that we wanted to create something that would appeal to Metropolitan Avant Garde bride and chose the theme "Pretty.Gritty." We used passed brides as models, all in their own wedding dress, and styled them in a range from Elegant to Off the Edge. The shoot location is an old storage warehouse just outside of downtown Lancaster filled with all kinds of trinkets and oddities, which we used for the shoot. these images are going to be enlarged and placed throughout Stacey's studio to welcome new brides for the 2012/13 season.

Behold the work of Karlo Photography!








I really love this concept of shooting these beautiful brides and their dresses in a warehouse full of raw edges and exposed elements.  I'm always a fan of juxtaposing images that contrast one another so elegantly and beautifully.  Its almost haunting in a way.   

Each of the dresses are so stunning in their own right, and Karlo put the ladies and their dresses in scenes where they were able to stand out and make a statement.  I don't know if I have a favorite, as they are all classical and gorgeous.  I do love the use of the old luggage pieces in the background, that's a win in our books! 

I do love the bit of edginess the model with the feather lashes brings to the dark warehouse setting.  That is really unique and quite creative! I've seen fun lashes before, but not feathers so much-where does one find those?

If you would like to do something like this shoot, in an old warehouse in your city, go for it!  The end results are sure to be fabulous! 

Many thanks to Karlo Photography for submitting this awesome styled shoot! 

Photography: Karlo Photography, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Hair Stylist: Envy Studio, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Warehouse: John L. Porter's & Sons Warehouse, Lancaster, Pennsylvania