{DIY} Crepe Paper Rosette Poms

Have I got a very fun and easy on your wallet DIY project to share with you today!  This is such an easy project, albeit teadious.  Very little is needed, except your time.  

I was inspired to make this from a fave blog I follow, Bird's Party.  I didn't follow their tutorial to a T, but the end result is the same.

1.  Here are the materials needed:
  • Crepe Streamers
  • Styrofoam Balls
  • Hot Glue
2.  Start rolling the crepe streamer at one end of your strand.  Use varying lengths to get different sized rosettes.

3.  Begin twisting the streamer, this will help create the "petals" of the rosette.  

4.  Wrap the twisted streamer around your rolled end of crepe, making sure to keep each row level with the previous one.  

5.  Leave a little end piece, take your glue gun and glue a dot to the center of the back of your now rosette.  Lay your end piece on the glue dot, and hold.  The hot glue will be...HOT!, so be careful.  If you have those glue gun protectors for your fingers you might want to bust those out.  

6.  Once the glue has dried on the rosette, leave a dallop of hot glue on the Styrofoam ball.

7.  Attach the rosette and secure to the ball, rinse and repeat.

8.  Begin building your rosettes all over the ball.  Intermix various sizes together to give texture.  

And there you have the finished project.  I made this for my upcoming baby shower, but you can make them for any event.  They'd be great for bridal showers, to decorate a dessert buffet, etc.  Secure a lollipop stick to stand up in a vase, attach twine to create a hanging pom, leave as is for table decor, whatever you want to do!  Your guests will be in awe, and your little secret will be that it cost next to nothing!