{DIY} Tissue Paper Poms

I love nothing more than to turn a .99 cent store supply into cute decorations for a party!  I will be making these Tissue Paper Poms for my upcoming baby shower, but they are great for any occasion.  They work especially well over a dessert table, for example.  

The process is simple, the supplies are easy to come by.  

1.  Here's what you need:
  • Scissors
  • Tissue Paper
  • Twine/Hanging Wire

2.  For this example I chose to make a large scale pom in light blue.  I used 10 sheets of tissue paper, aligned them together, and went to folding like an accordion.  I started at one end, folded 1 1/2" in, then flipped the pile over and folded that section 1 1/2", and continued back and forth till I got to the end.  

Then I took the twine and wrapped it around the center of folded tissue, and rounded the edges with my scissors.  Because this is a large sized pom, cutting a nice even rounded end was a little bit tough, but if you have good scissors this shouldn't be a problem.  

You could also cut the edges into points, like so:

3.  Then I began to gently peel the layers of tissue, so they would form a nice round ball.  I began with one side, as seen in image 3, flipped that over and did the other side.  I flipped back and forth until I had a fluffy tissue paper pom.  I did fluff the pom a bit to fill gaps and make sure it all looked even and full.  

4.  And voila, we have an easy and cost effective way to decorate for any occasion.  Because this is for a baby girl baby shower, I chose light shades of pink, green and yellow as that is the color palette.  You could make an ombre effect, starting with white, then light pink, pink then dark pink and red, for example, or whatever you want to do.  

Can't wait to have these at the shower!