{Real Couples} Jenna & Brian's Wintry Desert Engagement Shoot - Part II

In case you may have missed Part I of this amazing engagement shoot, click here to check it out, and to learn about Jenna & Brian's proposal.  Part I showcased this smitten couple cozying up near the campfire, roasting marshmallows, and having their beloved dogs join them in the Arizona desert.

In today's portion of the 3 part series engagement shoot, the stunning pair are captured with the beautiful desert lakeside landscape as the backdrop, which was shot at Bartlett Lake in Arizona.

Behold Jenna & Brian's Wintry Desert Engagement Shoot - Part II, beautifully photographed by Christy & Jasen of Studio Moirae Photography!

I absolutely adore the different vibes of each setting, complete with wardrobe change and their own props they brought along to each scene.  As Christy & Jasen pointed out in Part I, Jenna & Brian bringing their own personal items to style the shoot made this project stand out from others.

The difference between the images captured along the rocky shoreline and those of the picnic spot are so drastic in appearance, it makes it easy to change things up a bit, or a lot.

The whole love story writing bit is very sweet, I might add.  Or are they writing their wedding vows, I wonder?  They look like they are in a movie scene, each with their pensive stares, searching for the perfect words to write down to their beloved.  Can I just say how much I love Jenna's red pea coat, by the way!  It's gorgeous!  Red is definitely her color, and it works as a brilliant color splash against the stark neutral palette of land.

Be sure to stayed tuned for Part III coming up, it's my fave of the 3!  I won't give any hints, you just have to wait!

Thanks again to Studio Moirae Photography for this beautiful shoot!

Photographer: Studio Moirae Photography, Phoenix, Arizona