{Real Couples} Jenna & Brian's Wintry Arizona Desert Engagement Shoot - Part I

I have to admit, I do love it when I open up my email's inbox, and there is a photography submission from Two Bright Lights.  I always get so excited to open up the email, and see what submissions await.  When I opened the shoot I'm about to share with you today, I was thrilled to the core!  For one it is an amazing photo shoot, filled with different "themes", all wrapped up in a gorgeous engagement session.  Secondly, the photog, Studio Moirae Photography, is local to my neck of the woods, based in Phoenix, Arizona! It is rare to receive AZ shoots, and I can't help myself but get excited to share some local talent.  

I instantly reached out to Christy and Jasen, the brilliant photogs behind the lens, to share I was local, and then to see if I could learn the proposal story for Jenna & Brian, the stunning couple featured in this shoot.  

Here is what Christy and Jasen had to say about Jenna & Brian's beautiful wintry day:

Oh my,my,my! Was this a fun elaborate engagement session!!! We absolutely fell in love with Jenna and Brian’s style, love for great details and awesome ideas. When they came to us, we could hardly wait to photograph their engagement session. They chose a location full of personal memories. Ideas kept coming and coming! Their engagement session was a bit different than others we have done. Spending half a day together changing outfits, scenes and locations. All made up of personal items they brought. Chairs, clocks, blankets, marshmallows, hot chocolate, suitcases, their dogs…….. Just to name a few. So we are going to show this amazing engagement in “Parts”. This being part I! We are so excited to share and even more excited for both Jenna and Brian on their engagement. This is your year girl!!! I am sooooooo happy you chose us to photograph your wedding. Thank you for trusting and bringing us into your beautiful life! Looking forward to “Yall’s” wedding! That one’s for you Kentucky!

The Proposal in Jenna's words:

It was Friday, September 2, 2011, and as tradition for Labor day weekend, we had several of our friends flying in from back East to spend the long weekend with. In preparation for our guest, and the weekend, Brian (my fiance) planned a hike up Camel back Mountain first thing Friday morning to start the weekend off. Little did I know, and our guest, they were not just visiting for Labor day, but what would turn into a weekend long engagement celebration. Brian, myself and one of his closest friends from College, began our hike at 6 am, and even though it began to rain, Brian was, for some reason, determined to make it to the top. After several water breaks, we had finally made it to the top. It wasn't long after catching my breathe, Brian had grabbed my hand and pulled me down to a flat area because he "wanted to show me something" and soon after he was down on one knee, on top of the city we had met, fell in love and had began our life together. Of course i cried and said yes!

But, the best part of the weekend was yet to come. After our hike down, we met our friends at the airport and shocked them with our big news and continued our celebration to the Salt River. After floating all day, we got dressed for dinner and Brian Blind-folded me. Once arriving at our destination, he opened my door, carried me into the venue and when he took the blind fold off, there stood my entire family from Kentucky, and his from Ohio. Brian had flown both sides of our family in and planned a "surprise engagement party". The next day he had rented to boats, where all day our families and friends continued the celebration by spending time on the lake and partaking in a camp out.

Looking back, the Proposal, his planning, and his thoughtfulness still take my breathe away, but remind me everyday of why I fell for him and exactly why I said "YES!

Aww, what a thoughtful groom to be, proposing to his love in such a wonderful way, not to mention flying in their family members!  Sounds like a glorious celebration!

I now present to you Part I of Jenna & Brian's Engagement Shoot, beautifully photographed by Studio Moirae Photography:

I told you this couple was stunning!  I love how Jenna & Brian included their Golden Doodle & Visla to be in the shoot, so regal are they!  They steal the shoot in their little ways.  I'm also loving the details with the chairs in the desert landscape and roasting the marshmallows over the campfire- it is so cute and cozy!  

The location of their shoot took place at Barlett Lake, which is about 45 minutes from the heart of Phoenix.  It is a beautiful spot in Arizona, and looks amazing in the winter light! 

Stay tuned for Part II & III coming up to see how the rest of their shoot unfolded, it's not to be missed! 

Many thanks to Jenna for sharing your sweet proposal story with us, and to Christy & Jasen with Studio Moirae Photography for submitting your work to us! 

Photography: Studio Moirae Photography, Phoenix, AZ