{Real Couples} Kari & Rich's Radford University Engagement Shoot

First, a little side babble today, unrelated to all things wedding, but just life in general, an Arizonan life at that.  My favorite part about hot Arizona summers, if that is possible, are the crazy lightning storms that wash through the state, better known as monsoons. These storms are usually pretty wild and we desert rats love to experience them! Last night one hit my area of town with a loud crack, sizzle and pop, which startled me from my deep slumber, but then gave me that excited feeling, as we've been waiting for these annual storms to make their grand appearance.

Of course the day after a much needed soaking, it feels horrible outside, but it somehow makes it better knowing that other storms are lining up for this evening.  If you've never experienced an Arizona monsoon, they are something to talk about over the water cooler.  Different parts of the state, and even the Phoenix area, get hit harder than others, and everyone the next day has stories to tell.  Some might experience hail when others barely a sprinkle, others the loudest thunder, and some with nothing in their area.  It's all exciting, and it's the only time we watch the weather like hawks.  A few summers back we had a "tornado watch" in the area where we live, which was insane to go through that and be tuned into the weather channel for updates! Some folks in the mid-west would laugh at us, but when we never have tornadoes it can be alarming to be told to take cover, in the bathroom, with a mattress over our heads!! 

At any rate, the monsoon season is here in Arizona, and it will stay for a few weeks, if not a month.  So, life is kind of exciting right now...

Moving on now from desert storms to engagement shoots, we do have a sweet engagement session to share with you today.  This shoot comes directly via a photographer that reached out to me to share her work.  We are happy to feature Kaytlin from Kaytlin Lane Photography for the first time on the blog!  She provided this sweet little note about the adorable couple, Kari & Rich:
This engagement shoot was so much fun! I met Kari at a wedding I was photographing. She was the maid of honor. When she contacted me about doing her engagement pictures I was so excited! She is too sweet and I could see the love that she and Rich have for each other. They wanted to have pictures done at Radford University which is where they met. That made the shoot all the more special!

I present to you Kari & Rich's sweet engagement session, as captured Kaytlin Lane Photography:

Kari & Rich make such a cute pair!  We want to wish them all the love and happiness in their upcoming nuptials!

Many thanks to Kaytlin Lane Photography for submitting your work to us!

Photographer: Kaytlin Lane Photography, Christiansburg, Virginia
Venue: Radford University, Radford, Virginia