{Real Couples} Kristen & Jason's Marshmallowy Sweet Engagement Shoot

What a sweet winter themed engagement shoot we have to share with you today!  When I see this shoot, I can't help but think of the lyrics "It's a marshmallow world in the winter"... Not only is everything covered in snow, but marshmallows are in abundance, as you'll soon see.

This submission comes via Two Bright Lights from Nicole Cassano Photography.  Nicole has shared a bit of detail surrounding this shoot.  Here is what she has to say:
I met with Kristen and Jason to discuss ideas for their engagement session. Kristen mentioned that she thought ice skating would be romantic. We have an indoor rink here in New Castle, PA but with all the people around I hardly thought it would be romantic. So I let me creativity soar. I literally built the mini-pond myself in my sister's backyard and thought up a cute little "marshmallow tree" centerpiece. I served hot chocolate and voila...a romantic ice skating scene. Jason brought along the red roses because it's a little something that he always gives Kristen on special occasions. Clearly he thought this private little ice skating rink in the woods was special.

A special little shoot indeed!  I present Kristen & Jason's wintry engagement shoot, photographed by Nicole Cassano Photography. 

Everything about this shoot is adorable, including the happy couple.  I love the images of them wrapped up in the blanket, so cozy for a scene that has to be freezing.  I have to say I am loving the marshmallow tree! Never seen anything like it!  And, I do have to wonder what the marshmallow topped cupcakes are, they are perfect and so sweet looking!

Many thanks to Nicole Cassano Photography for submitting to us this wonderful engagement shoot!  Great job on creating the whole setting, including little pond, it's so charming!

Photography: Nicole Cassano Photography, New Castle, Pennsylvania