{Real Weddings} Crystal & Doug's Oregon Coast Wedding

I don't know about you, but for me every summer I find a song that becomes the soundtrack of the season.  Last summer it was "Last Friday Night" by Katy Perry, the summer before that it was "OMG" by Usher.  This summer the song that has me rockin' in my heels, wanting to dance (even in my car!)  is "Back In Time" by Pitbull-I'm sure you've all heard this?  It is remixed with "Love is Strange" by Mickey & Silvia, better known from the "Dirty Dancing" soundtrack-"Come here lover boy"!  The remixed tune is unique, and I just can't help myself but get all dancey and to sing along!

What does this song have to do with weddings, you might ask?  Well, it's a fun segue, but I have a wedding to share with you, with a proposal story that has a little bit of "Dirty Dancing" woven into it!!

When Crystal from Crystal Image Photography submitted this  wedding to me, I was intrigued by it because it takes place along the Oregon Coast, yet in some of the the images there is reference to a school that is located thousands of miles away in Virginia.  I then reached out to the lovely bride, named Crystal as well, to learn a little more, and she shared with me how she and Doug met, how he proposed to her, and how they came to choose where they would wed.  Here's her story:

The Proposal
"Doug and I met at Longwood University, where we both work. We had been dating a while (almost 5 years) when he proposed, so we had done a lot of the wedding planning before the actual proposal. However, he still managed to make the proposal a surprise. 

We took an overnight trip to the mountains in Virginia to see the fall leaves. He had booked a house at Mountain Lake (http://www.mtnlakehotel.com/) for the night but I didn’t know about it. Mountain Lake is one of the two locations where Dirty Dancing, which is one of our favorite movies, was filmed. He proposed to me at the spot where they did the water lifts in the movie (the lake is much smaller now so this spot is no longer in water)."

The Wedding
"It was actually Doug’s great-great-grandparents that first purchased the land where Happy Camp is. At first they had operated a ferry business there and later opened a store. His great-grandfather, Mr. Edner, purchased the store from his great-great grandparents and reopened it as Camp Edner in 1917. That is when he began renting cottages on the beach. The property is now known as Happy Camp Hideaway."

Well call me baby and don't put me in the corner! What a sweet surprise Doug gave Crystal, proposing where those magical lifts took place in "Dirty Dancing"!  And what a great family tribute for the two, to marry where Doug's family had founded and settled nearly 100 years ago.  

Without further ado, behold Doug & Crystal's wedding, beautifully photographed by Crystal Image Photography:



Crystal and Doug are such a sweet couple.  Their beaming smiles are so bright, and Crystal Image Photography captured their joy so beautifully.

Many thanks to Crystal for sharing with us your engagement story and how you came to marry where you both did!  We can see the draw of this location, it is gorgeous.  The views and the sunset are breathtaking.  Happy 1 Year Anniversary coming up, by the way!

Many thanks to Crystal Image Photography for submitting to us Crystal & Doug's wedding!

Photography: Crystal Image Photography, Farmville, Virginia
Venue: Happy Camp Hideaway, Netarts, Oregon


  1. As a bridesmaid in this wedding, I can tell you it was a fabulous time and they are an awesome couple! Love you Crystal and Tbo!

    1. Hi Kara, thanks for leaving a note about your dear friends' wedding!


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