{Real Weddings} Jody & Jose's Romantic Valencia, California Wedding

There is one word to describe this wedding submission: exquisite! The bride is stunning, the groom is handsome, the colors are vibrant, the venue is sleek, the photography is perfection.  There is so much about this wedding that is just amazing, and it is quite a site to behold.

We are very happy to welcome back to the blog William Innes Photography.  Here is what William had to share about Jody & Jose's stylish wedding:
We photographed Jody and Jose’s wedding at the beautiful Holy Family Catholic Church in Glendale, followed by a beautiful reception at Tournament Players Club in Valencia. This was a wedding that really focused on family and friends. The couple chose not to have a wedding party – keeping things elegantly simple. The focus was on sharing their special day with guests. The bride was dressed in a stunning Rina di Montella wedding gown and the groom in a classic suit and tie. Colors were fuchsia, light pink and ivory. After a very classic and romantic day – guests danced to the great sounds of SOS Entertainment.

I present to you Jody & Jose's wedding, brilliantly photographed by William Innes Photography:



Elegantly simple and stylish indeed! Jody & Jose are such a beautiful couple. Their wedding definitely hits the romantic high notes on all levels.  

Jody makes such a stunning bride.  Her dress is fabulous! One of my fave dresses that I've had the pleasure to share.  I love the different textures, with the organza ruffled skirt that the beautiful bead work in the bodice.  Keeping the jewelry simple and her hair long was just the right choice.

I do love the color palette of fuchsia, light pink and ivory.  It works great with Jose's choice for suit.  The splashes of peacock feathers in the cobalt blue vessels add a beautiful contrast.  Did you notice how simple and elegant the table settings are?  A simple vase with lace trim and the floral arrangements against the plain white linens is all you need sometimes.  

The bouquet is a beautiful display of the palette, and so is that cake! Oh my goodness, can we talk about that cake?!?  I would've shed a tear cutting into it, it is so beautiful and feminine. I want a cake like that for my next birthday, or my baby girl's 1st birthday...any day to celebrate, that cake would be welcome.  

My fave images of this gorgeous couple are when they are on the grounds of the reception property.  The time of day and the angle of the sun create the perfect lighting to photograph the two.  The image of Jody walking with her back to the camera makes her dress look like a floating mist around her, it's a gorgeous thing of beauty!

What can we say, William?  Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful work with us again. This wedding gets an A+++ in our books! 

Photographer: William Innes Photography, Santa Clarita, California
Floral Designer: Acton Creative flowers, Acton, California
Dress Designer: Rina di Montella
Cinema and Video: Matrimony Films, Santa Clarita, California
Cake Designer: CAKEgoodness, Newhall, California
DJ: SOS Entertainment,  Santa Clarita, California
Event Venue: Tournament Player's Club, Valencia, California


  1. I see you kept things relatively simple - bridal accessories included. Still, it sure didn't do much to change just how special the day must have been.

  2. Jody's absolutely stunning! I don't think she needed much accessories to stand out anyway. All they had to consider special was the bride, the groom, and the diamond wedding rings on their fingers.

  3. Jody is literally glowing! I agree, she looks very beautiful and stunning. If I am to get married, I want everything to be perfect too; from the limousine to the caterer, gowns and venue. It's once in a lifetime experience so I want it to be unforgettable.

  4. The beautiful bride, Jodi! It's nice to see a bride who doesn't over-accessorize. When I get married, I only want a pair of earrings from a NY jewelry story, and that's enough. Hopefully I will appear as beautiful as Jody.

  5. You guys had said enough, but she is definitely ravishing! I wish I could rock that beautiful gown too, with a tattoo on my left arm. It's either I'll have them removed or just pick out a sleeved gown.

  6. The bride's so beautiful! I don't know if it's coincidence or not, but their motif also suited the venue's interior, specially on that photo of her on the couch. When I got married, we had our wedding venue at the Hamptons, with a classic black and gold motif. It was so lovely, and these photos bring me back to my wedding day!

  7. The wedding reception looks really classy in the photo. Where was it? I know some receptions that are as good as that, so I might just add it to my list. Congratulations to the newly weds!

  8. Can't help but admire the view and the couples and the set up, I mean everything in here is just so dream-like. It's like the perfect wedding event for me. How I wish I could get married just like this one.

  9. I love Jody's gown! The style reminds me of my sister's wedding gown - it gives you curves and makes you look tall!


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