{Real Weddings} Melissa & Kevin's Shabby Chic Northern California Wedding - Part I

Happy Friday! Any plans out there for the upcoming weekend?  I know here in Arizona, lots of people are heading out of town for one last hurrah before school gets back in session.  We're not heading out of town, but I will be enjoying my baby shower!  I'm so excited, and kinda nervous for whatever reason.  I've put a lot of effort into the decor, because I've had time to, and because I want to.  I never knew, however, that once 8 months pregnant, things that used to be so easy and no thoughts about are quite challenging to do.  I'm walking slower, I'm moving slower in general, I'm winded easily, I'm exhausted easily, it's nuts!  I'll not put so much effort into so many things at this late in the game again, that's for sure! I'm vowing to take a seat and not move "much" after this weekend until baby girl has entered the world. 

What I will be able to do in my final weeks of pregnancy is continue to post beautiful wedding submissions sent our way, like this one you're about to see today.  I am swooning over Melissa & Kevin's beautiful wedding, submitted to us by Matthew James Photographers.  There are so many beautiful details, I had to share the photography in two separate posts.  

Melissa was kind enough to share the details that went into their wedding, as well she opened up a bit about how she and Kevin came to be husband and wife.  Here's her story:

The Meeting
My best girlfriend, Matron of Honor in my wedding, set us up. Her husband and Kevin worked together. We went on a blind date ;)

The Proposal
His plan was to propose in San Francisco, on my birthday weekend, in Crissy Field while his best man video tapped the proposal. He had already gone with his best man to find the best place and the perfect hidding spot to take a video. I say this was his plan becasue as we were driving into the city it was a Friday evening and it was very overcast. He told me that he wanted to go to Crissy Field and my response was "heck no" its freezing. So with some minor adjustsments he propsed on the top of our Hotel, which beautifully overlooked the entire City. He still managed to get his Best Man to video the whole proposal.

There is something about couples meeting by way of blind dates that is so nostalgic and sweet.  Too often cases don't end up at the altar, but every now and then the matchmakers behind the blind date do know what they are doing! 

Love hearing how Kevin proposed!  So awesome of him to have his best man in on the plan and ready to video the proposal, even with a sudden change of plans! 

I present to you now Melissa & Kevin's wedding ceremony, beautifully captured by Matthew James Photographers.



What a gorgeous ceremony!  The time of day for Melissa & Kevin's outdoor nuptials provided the most beautiful lighting.  I just love the flowers at the altar!  

The bridesmaid dresses are so beautiful, and all are different.  I asked Melissa about her ten lovely bridesmaids, and where they found their dresses.  Here's what she had to say:
I feel so lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing friends and family.
My matron of honor: Stephanie- a girlfriend I have known since junior high and the match maker;
AnnMarie-a friend since junior high and a college roommate; Megan-a college roommate; Jenna-a college roommate; Beth- a college friend and sorority sister; Sarah-a childhood friend; Ashley- my cousin; Alecia-my cousin; Ally-soon to be sister-in-law; Mieke-groom's sister

Their dresses were a combination of Dessy and After Six. I wanted them to all be different.

Love it, and what a lucky lady indeed!  Finding 10 different dresses that all have the same look had to be hard, but was pulled of so well.  

We are not done with Melisa & Kevin's beautiful day, oh yes, there is more!  We broke this post up as there are so many stunning details to behold.  Up next is their reception in Part II, and Melissa shares with us the details that went into the planning.

Many thanks to Melissa for sharing your love story and details with us! And thanks to Matthew James Photographers for sharing your beautiful work with us.

Photography: Matthew James Photographers, Stockton, California
Hair Stylist: Stained Hair and Nail Salon, Lodi, California
Catering: Rayna's Gourmet Catering, Sacramento, California
Harpist: Elegance Harp and Flute, Lodi, California
Floral Designer: Lissy Lou Designs, Lodi, California
Ceremony & Reception Venue: Sorelle Winery, Lodi, California
Invitation Designer: Inviting Ways, Walnut Creek, California
Cake Designer: M and W Dutch American Bakery, Stockton, California
Equipment Rentals: Classic Party Rentals, Modesto, California
Makeup Artist: Ashley Covello, Tracy, California
Jewelry: Rankin Jewelers, Spitz Jewelers, Walnut Creek, California
Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Jim's Rentals, Stockton, California
Bridesmaid Dresses: Dessy Bridesmaid Dress, New York City


  1. what a beautiful wedding. That little boy is the cutest ringbearer ever.

  2. what color is the bridesmaid dresses? are we able to find out?

    1. Per my findings, it's close to a "satin sheen gold"....I'd put it there with a light champagne, a light sand...Not sure if this helps, but hope it does!


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