{Trash The Dress} A Sexy Afternoon Frolic

So, over the weekend I went with a large group of women to check out the much anticipated "Magic Mike" film.  I was very excited to see this flick for so many reasons, including the possibility of this being my "one last lady's night" out before my little girl enters the world.  But who am I kidding, I just had to see the film!! 

Can I just say "YUM"?! I can't help but swoon over Channing Tatum's smoldering body and his severe dance moves!  I've no doubt his well trained moves after years of dancing are what made him a shoe-in for the role.  Also, Matthew McConnaughey is so dreamy, although I didn't care all that much for his character, except his sexy voice and those dimples when he smiles makes me melt everytime!  I love it when he says, "The law says you cannot touch, but I think I see a lot of lawbreakers in here"-meowww!! Seeing the film with a large and rowdy group of women was fun, as we all cat called to the screen at certain scenes!  There were a few bachelorette parties in the theatre, which I thought was actually a fun way for bachelorettes to celebrate-see the movie then hit the bars afterwards with an entourage.  I might have done the same if I was in their shoes!  

If you haven't had the chance to see it yet, and you want to, grab all your girls, you are sure to have a fun time viewing all the sexy eye candy on the film!  I didn't care for the plot, FYI, but who cares when Channing Tatum takes the stage?! 

Anyway...speaking of sexy, have we got a steamy Trash The Dress session to share with you all today!  This submission comes from Mary Anne Folckomer Photography via Two Bright Lights.  Mary Anne mentioned to me that this shoot started out having fun in a field, but then temps got too hot, so a nearby water source became an unexpected option!  Here's a little bit of her note:
This couple was so much fun to shoot! They couldn't take their eyes off of one another the whole session (which made my job easy!). They were open to whatever I suggested so I decided that we would go out to a field and shoot. It was a very hot day so I asked if they would consider doing a few water shots. So what started as a few shots near the water turned into ....Let's get in!! They loved the water part of the shoot and we had a blast capturing those images. We had a great session and it was obvious that they are completely smitten with one another.

I present to you Crystal & Adam's steamy trash the dress session!



Whew, was that hot or what?  Crystal & Adam are one passionate couple,not to mention gorgeous! I love the way Mary Anne captured the natural lighting and the lustful glances of the two towards one another-the emotions pop off the page!

It's great when a couple really "dives" into their trash the dress session, no matter what is involved.  In this case the waterfalls worked so well, and her gorgeous dress was perfect for the water shoots.

Congrats to the happy and smitten couple!  And many thanks to Mary Anne Folckomer Photography for submitting this amazing TTD session with us! 

Photographer: Mary Anne Folckomer Photography, Eden, North Carolina