{Trash The Dress} Underwater Beauty, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Nothing says dramatic trash the dress session to me like a bride submerged underwater in her billowing wedding gown.  Today's TTD is just the shoot, and I've actually been waiting for a shoot like this to come my way, so I'm pretty excited!   A few submissions I've published have shown brides who decided to "get wet" in their dresses, either by stepping into a lake or standing under a waterfall, but yet have I published an underwater shoot-that is until now!

Del Sol Photography, based in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, submitted this shoot via Two Bright Lights.  Sol, the photographer, shared with me that this bride, Jenna, married her groom, Gary, in a special Mayan Ceremony held in Xpu-ha, Mexico, which is such a unique choice for brides and grooms to partake in.  When it came to doing the trash the dress, the ceremonial aspect was out of the picture, and much fun was had as you shall soon see!  This shoot takes place at a location that is called a "Cenote", which is an underground river system that the Maya considered to be sacred.  To learn more about the cenotes of the Riviera Maya click here.

Without further ado, I am happy to feature for the first time to the blog, Del Sol Photography!  Behold this stunning shoot:

LOVE IT!!! So gorgeous!  I absolutely love Jenna's amazing gown.  It is perfect to be shown underwater with the way all the layers flow, almost hauntingly.  

I love how there are 3 parts to this shoot!  First she is climbing through the jungle to get to the water source.  Then we see the part with her underwater in such an artistic manner-it's truly breathtaking.  And then the finale, with the two playing and having fun on the sandy beach, is a grand way to end the shoot.

So many thanks to Del Sol Photography for submitting this amazing trash the dress session to us! 

Photography: Del Sol Photography, Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Dress Designer: Demetrios, USA