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I am happy to announce the start of a new segment that will be seen regularly here on the blog.  I will be reaching out to wedding industry businesses locally here in Phoenix, and possibly beyond, to shine the spotlight on them as a means to let brides and grooms know a little bit about the businesses as they make their way to planning for their wedding celebrations.  

I am very excited to kick start this new segment with a wonderfully sweet lady I happened to meet via the Twitter and Blogosphere!  I never knew connections like that could happen, and I'm so glad it did!  Her name is Rebecca Palacio, and she is the Owner/Event Planner at Mrs. Celebration Event Planning and Design.  

I asked Rebecca a series of questions to get to know her a little better, to learn the valuable advice she has to share with brides, and to learn about what goes on at Mrs. Celebration Event Planning and Design.  I'm so grateful she was up to answering the questions! Here's what she had to say:

What is your favorite color?
I love fun bright colors. My favorite is always changing but I do have a thing for yellow which is a theme color in our company.

What is your favorite flower?
Cala Lilys and Yellow Roses

What is your one "can't leave the house without" accessory?
My everyday must have accessory would be sunglasses. Living in Arizona you can't leave home without them!

Who inspires you the most, both in life, and career? 
I am most inspired by my husband and kids. They constantly inspire me to do better and step outside my comfort zone. I always want to do better and show them that if you want something you can get it with hard work. Professionally, I am inspired by fellow people in the wedding and event industry. I love the wedding community and how contacted everyone is today with blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Inspiration is available at your fingertips! My absolute favorites are Courtney Whitmore of Pizzazzerie, Amy Atlas, Mindy Weiss, and Tori Spelling.

How did you get started becoming a wedding coordinator? 
My wonderful mother has been in the catering business for over 20 years. Growing up I attended countless weddings and parties. I've seen many amazing events and also those that didn't go as well. The difference between an amazing event and not good event is planning. After many unhappy years in the real estate industry, I finally decided to slow down when I had my first son. His birth forced me to examine my life and determine if what I was doing was making me happy. It was clear that I needed a career that would allow me to me creative and be involved in something that I am passionate about. Weddings and events was the perfect fit since I had been planning events for family and friends for years. Now it was my opportunity to do it as a business.

How long have you been in the Phoenix wedding industry? 
I started Mrs. Celebration, Event Planning and Design in March of 2010. I'll never forget my first paid wedding!

How many brides do you work with on a yearly basis? 
Business continues to grow and I work with brides on various levels. I offer day of coordinating, partial or full planning, and dessert and candy table styling. With this combination, I work with about 20-25 brides a year. This year I hired an amazing assistant, Desiree and with her help I hope to grow the number of brides we help.

What is your best advice for brides when it comes to wedding planning? 
The most important thing to remember is that although the wedding is fun and important what is more important is the marriage! So many brides focus all their time and attention on all the small details and invest so much emotionally into the wedding that once its over they feel dissapponited. Their true happiness should not be just in the details but in the fact that they are heading into a marriage with the person they love.

How far in advance should brides be planning their weddings? What is the longest and shortest time frame you have worked with? 
I'd say an ideal amount of time is a year or year and a half depending of course how long their engagement is. Because Phoenix has a long summer this causes many of the venues to be booked far in advance for hot dates in the Spring and Fall. The less time there is to plan may cause a bride to have to compromise on some of their vendors of choice who may already be booked. However, I was able to plan a wedding in a little less than 6 months and because the bride was flexible she was able to have a great wedding.

Why go with a wedding coordinator? 
One word, EXPERIENCE! A planner does this professionally and has earned experience through each wedding. For most brides this will be there only time planning a wedding and it is easy to make mistakes and focus on aspects that aren't as important. A coordinator can also plan for the unforseen. I have learned to see the big picture whereas brides are more focused on the details which is great but anticipating issues is helpful. A wedding coordinator can also save a lot of time and unnessary stress by making recommendations regarding venues and vendors. Experience really does go a long way!

Brides who plan their wedding on their own, without help from a wedding coordinator, what is your advice? Is budget usually the deciding factor? If so, what might be your suggestion to them? 
Usually budget is a primary factor whether a bride will hire a coordinator. I truly feel that having a coordinator shouldn't be luxury. I understand if you can't hire a coordintor to plan your entire wedding but brides usually regret not hiring one for atleast day of coordinating. I purposely keep the cost of my day of coordinating package reasonable so that every bride and every budget can use our services. Most brides will assign someone in their wedding party or the mother of the bride to handle the big details and issues of the wedding day but that person is not able to enjoy themselves. Hiring a planner for the day to take charge and handle any of the stress will truly give a bride peace of mind and the mother of the bride and their wedding party will truly thank them.

Are there any concerns for brides whom choose to have a wedding coordinator be with them on the wedding day, when a venue might already have a coordinator on-site?
I have many brides that have the misconception that a venue coordinator will handle all the details of their wedding. While a venue coordinator is always helpful they are there for the interest of the venue not entirely the bride. A venue coordintor will oversee all the details of venue and ensure that contractionaly everything is handled but they usually don't coordinate with vendors, put together time lines, review contracts in behalf of the bride and groom, attend appointments outside of the venue, and handle any need the bride may have. I truly enjoy working with all the venue coordinators I have had the privelage of working with and they do an amazing job assistanting with the venue but as a planner I truly enjoy assisting the bride with the planning process on a bigger scale and with all the smaller details from before the wedding to the last minute before the couple departs.

Do you have any favorite venues/vedors in the Phoenix area that you have worked with? 
I have truly been privelaged to work with many great vendors. I do have a handful of vendors that I recommend to my couples however, I always encourage them to make the decision based on who they feel comfortable with. Personality and style varies and it is important to pick a vendor that compliments them. Usually my couples trust my expertise and value the recomendations I make.

Do you offer services beyond wedding coordinating? 
I offer day of coordinating, partial or full planning, and dessert and candy table styling.

Any requests from brides that were so unique, they stand out? 
I wish I had a fun story to share but my brides have all been such a pleasure to work with and have all had reasonable requests.

Thank you so much, Rebecca, for letting us learn about you and your event planning business a little bit!  I couldn't agree more with you about leaving the house sans sunglasses! It's a must here!  I'm also on the same page as you about all the ways the wedding industry is connected.  Pinterest has changed my life, and it's done the same for so many others!  I too am equally inspired by the same women you mentioned, they are full of creative ideas that can help further spur our own creative adventures!

Your advice for brides and the whole planning process is excellent.  Thank you for shedding a little more light on the subjects of having a wedding coordinator and when facing venue coordinators.  Hopefully brides whom are out there read this and have a little more knowledge as they make their way through the planning process.

Many thanks again for taking the time to answer a few questions for us.  We wish you all the best success in your business!

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